Summer Solstice - Personal Power

I am in Ireland sitting with one of my beloved teachers and we are talking about the urgency of the times upon us. ‘Oh yes,’ she laughs, ‘this isn’t a time to be wishy washy’.

Sitting in the Celtic season of Beltane, we are approaching the midpoint within the summer months of the  Summer Solstice, (20-22nd June) known as Alban Hefin in the Celtic world. This is the time for coming into our strengths and realising our desires.

The time when we are able to feel the full yang influence of the sun, a beautiful bursting forth of male energy to be received by the female energy of the earth in order to produce the fertility of crops, flowers, trees, animals; all of the abundance from the cosmos that we depend upon for our physical, emotional, spiritual and cognitional nourishment.

Even deep within the dark, wet mountains of western Ireland the increasing yang energy is palpable. This is the time of year when we can open ourselves to our broadest presentation of who we are. In safety and expansion we can throw open our arms and move forward on our paths of truth and forthrightness. This is not a time for hiding behind masks of inadequacy and fear, or playing games of manipulation. At this time of year we can call to us our balanced yang energy.

Think of a summer barbecue; you are having a great time with friends, laughing, maybe playing football or throwing a Frisbee. The sun is shining late into the evening,  food is weaving in and out of your time together, kids are shouting with laughter. The unspoken values of mutual love, understanding and desire to be together are at the centre of the barbecue ritual.

This isn’t a time for arguments or wracking over internal conflicts, this is not a time to be sinking into the depths of who we are or what we want to be doing when we grow up. Rather it is the time to smile at strangers and laugh with friends, to feel our strengths and use them.  It is the time to experience our power.

Power is a word that holds so many connotations within our modern world that it is necessary to specify what I mean when I use the word. Power is about having access to your full and whole energy. Power is about claiming all of who you are, with trust and willingness to sit with your own challenges. Power is not projecting your challenges onto others and believing it to be a truth. Power is about living from your centre with consciousness, and compassion. And, vital in our times, is the understanding that one cannot experience either personal power or compassion for others without fully embracing compassion towards self.

A great energy medicine exercise to help you connect into your balanced yang energy is ‘’Embracing the Sun’.  Humans receive yang energy through a yang vortex that is above our heads. You can think of a gentle whirlpool of energy that is spiralling anti-clockwise above our heads about 1metre wide. This vortex spirals into our energy fields, getting narrower and narrower, coming to a point a centimetre or so wide just below the navel.

When doing this exercise you open your energetic core, the centre of your being, to the yang energy that is so fundamental to:

  • Grounding

  • Calling up and balancing our yin energy

  • Self-esteem

  • Self-empowerment

  • Self-expression

  • Connecting into our energetic core

  • Balancing the central and governing meridians

  • Realising our soul path

With love, Prune


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