Reinforcing the Auric Membrane

One of the vital understandings of the aura is that at its edge it has a membrane that can be far denser than the rest of the aura.

The energy of the human body is comprised of both electromagnetic energy and subtle energy and both of these create the bio-field around us (our aura). If you think of a fog or drizzly rain, then you can imagine that the water droplets are the electromagnetic energy and the air is the subtle energy.

Now imagine that you have this vibrant, radiant, colourful, dynamic fog/drizzly rain all around you in a bubble. That is the aura. And the shape of the bubble changes with each thought, action, and interaction as the energy in the whole body system responds to external and internal stimuli.

When we are sad or depleted then the aura loses a lot of its vitality and buoyancy. When we are filled to bursting with happiness then the aura is literally buzzing with radiance and energy. In the last blog we looked the role of the aura and why it is so important as well as simple ways to strengthen it. Today, I really want to concentrate on the membrane around the edge of the aura.

One of the most important purposes of the aura is to protect us from external influences such as electromagnetic pollution, geopathic stress, negativity from other people, radiation and any other energy bombardment that you are walking within or living within. Acting like a magnificent shield, the membrane of the aura is our first line of defence, determining what energies will be allowed into the greater auric field to be then processed deep into our body.

This membrane can be like a thick elastic band around the whole 3D form of the biofield, or it can be so non-existent that your aura simply dissipates and merges with those external energies, offering no protection at all. And at this point, it is important to emphasise what I mean by protection. I don’t mean that we need to walk around all day with our defensive shields up. I don’t mean that we take a defensive attitude to interactions and daily experiences. That form of living creates a strong fight-flight-freeze response within our energy systems which in turn play havoc with your adrenal glands and overall health. What I mean by protection is allowing our balanced energy systems to move with knowledge and wisdom to protect our whole body system.

How many times have you been walking down a street and ‘just had that feeling’ that you are being watched. You eventually turn around and catch someone quickly turning their head away from watching you. How did you know this? Because your aura correctly interpreted the entering energy of the person’s look and informed your whole body system of that interaction. It is natural, it is instinctive, it is energy….but most of us haven’t been schooled in understanding our energy systems and so we can’t reconcile such information from our energy system with our rational, logical understandings. One of my intentions with writing these blogs is that you become more and more empowered through the understanding of your energy systems and how they function in their balance and in their imbalance.

So, going back to the membrane of the aura. When it is thick and elastic it acts as that first line of defence that can be quite impenetrable to energies it perceives as negative. This means that the rest of your energy system doesn’t have to engage in its defence/protection vigilance in the same way because the membrane is working effectively. This in turn frees up the energies of your other energy systems to work in their most effective manner.  Remember that keeping us alive is the utmost priority of our energy systems. So when the membrane of the aura is doing its job well then we have more freedom, space and creativity within ourselves.

The auric membrane also helps the aura hold its shape. At times when we are feeling depleted, or when we are being bombarded by electromagnetic pollution, the aura will shrink and become much closer to our physical body. This is a way of ensuring that the aura is still doing its job of protection and connection without being compromised. When the membrane is strong then the aura is much more likely to hold its shape and resiliency rather than becoming dispersed and much less effective.

My favourite way of working with the membrane is to visualise it around my bio-field. Take a few centering breaths, and then take your awareness out to the edges of your energy field. Where is it today? Close to you? Many feet away from you? A healthy aura will be at least to the edge of your fingertips when you arms are outstretched so if you are learning to connect into your energy awareness then you can simply imagine that wonderful bubble of your own energy all around you. Visualise your auric membrane. Connect into its thick, elastic nature. To me, it looks like jelly (jello) sitting out there surrounding each of us!

Now imagine a colour that could help your auric membrane. The first colour that comes to mind is a great place to start. And if that colour changes as you work with it, then work with that changing colour as well. Colour is a vibration so we are bringing in whatever healing vibration we need by using different colours.

Start running this colour through the membrane. All around the entire bubble of your aura. Help it get deeper and deeper, thicker and thicker into the membrane, allowing the vibrational energy of the colour to rejuvenate and revitalise the entire auric membrane. You can do this for as long as you want to, as many times a day as feels good to you. If you are in a place or situation that you know is knocking at your magnificent shield then do it more often than if you are in a place or a situation that you feel is already energising for you. The most basic tenet of working with our energy systems is that we can evolve whatever patterns of dysfunction we are experiencing. The more we bring balance into that system, then the healthier and more vital that system becomes. This is turn creates a knock on effect of more health and vitality in the whole body system. Sounds good?  I think so too!

This exercise on my YouTube Channel is also beautiful for the auric membrane - we’ll explore more about the aura in the next blog.

With love, Prune


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