Introducing the Magnificent Aura

I can't emphasise enough that we really need a healthy aura, but first, perhaps I should define what an aura is.

Aura, biofield, energetic spacesuit, call it what you will; it is the space around us which energetically we fill and claim as an extension of ourselves. For some people this space is large and robust… those people who walk into a room and we feel their presence before we even see them. For others it can be small and fragile. Think of someone who desperately doesn’t want to be noticed (perhaps you are at a dance and you just can’t dance and really hope that no-one asks you to do so!). At that time you have brought your aura, your energetic space, really close to your body trying to become invisible and not noticeable. Or think of times when you feel shocked or exhausted and like every thought and intention can penetrate into you and make you feel even worse… in those times your aura has collapsed inside you to protect your very core.

Here are some of the attributes that having a strong aura can bring:

  • Feeling grounded

  • Being able to connect to others more easily

  • Feeling protected

  • Increased vitality and joyousness

  • Better ability to absorb nutrients such as vitamin D

  • Better boundaries

  • Less tiredness, more energy

  • Increased intuition

  • Mental clarity

  • Physical / Muscular strength

  • Being less stressed, and more relaxed

  • Understanding the bigger picture

  • Protection from environmental and electromagnetic pollutants such as computers, wifi and toxic chemicals in our air

So who wouldn’t want to know how to bring health, vitality and resiliency into their aura!

In the video below, you can follow along with some exercises to help you can stay connected to yourself, and to others, while still being protected so you can enjoy your own health and vitality.

Another wonderful way to strengthen and revitalise your aura is by regularly doing the Dragon Breath or Ujiya breath, which you can read about in this blog post.

Our energy follows our thoughts, so we are going to stay with the theme of breath and work with a breath-based visualisation; below is a short and excellent way to strengthen and revitalise your aura. Enjoy!

First tune into the space around you. To me, the aura looks like an incredible, dynamic weaving of minuscule filaments. It is always moving, turning, changing, going deep into the body here, skipping to the surface there, moving quicker in some places than in others, filled with colours and patterns, criss crossing. It can look like an incredible dance with thousands of dancers all dancing on the same dance floor around all of your body. Each of the dancers have their own unique and beautiful moves, never once getting in the way of or stepping on the toes of another dancer. At the edge of this incredible field of energy is a membrane; fluid and tough, holding all of your energy intact and strong. So now you have that picture of what is going on around you, tune into your own unique dance and let your breath explore that space.

When you are ready, breathe in, consciously bringing your aura close to your body, allowing that membrane to come closer to you, bringing the whole web of dances closer to your skin. At the same time feel your chakras expanding within your body as they get fuelled by the energy in your aura.

Now breathe out, inviting the outer edge of your aura to expand away from your body, perhaps three or four feet around you in all directions. Allow your chakra energy to fuel your aura as it expands. Continue to do this for several breaths, enjoying the feeling of revitalising your aura and reaping the benefits of having your unique aura strong and resilient around you.

With love



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