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Introducing the Magnificent Aura

I can't emphasise enough that we really need a healthy aura! But before I tell you more about all the reasons why having a strong, healthy aura is a great idea, perhaps I should define what an aura is first.

Also known as the biofield, the aura is one of the most dynamic of the energy systems and created by a vast connective webbing.

I recently worked with some wonderful illustrators to create images of the energy systems as I see them, and here is one of the aura (by Sandra Bernier), so you can get an idea of just how magnificent it is.

The aura has three key functions:

  • Protecting you

  • Connecting you

  • Carrying information through all of your other energy systems.

In its healthy form it is continually changing its flow and its shape, and its colours come from the way in which the different energy systems are vibrating together.

The energy within the aura can be swirling around clockwise or anti clockwise, it can be going up or going down, coming out or going in. It can be a real whirl storm or gentle, peaceful and filled with sunny radiance.

It can also be very small, thin or flat when someone desperately doesn’t want to be noticed, or even non-existent outside the human body when collapsed in order to protect all of your vital life.

Here are some of the attributes that having a strong aura can bring:

  • Feeling grounded

  • Being able to connect to others more easily

  • Feeling protected

  • Increased vitality and joyousness

  • Better ability to absorb nutrients such as vitamin D

  • Better boundaries

  • Less tiredness, more energy

  • Increased intuition

  • Mental clarity

  • Physical / muscular strength

  • Being less stressed, and more relaxed

  • Understanding the bigger picture

  • Protection from environmental and electromagnetic pollutants such as computers, wifi and toxic chemicals in our air

So who wouldn’t want to know how to bring health, vitality and resiliency to their aura!

In the video below, you can follow along with some exercises to help you can stay connected to yourself, and to others, while still being protected so you can enjoy your own health and vitality.

Another wonderful way to strengthen and revitalise your aura is by regularly doing the Dragon Breath or Ujjiya breath, which you can read about in this blog post.

With love



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