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Homolateral Repatterning

One of the key understandings in working with your whole-body system, is that vital and wonderful energy patterns can become damaging energy habits. We all have energy patterns for optimum health and vitality. When we are stressed, tired, overwhelmed or shocked, these patterns change into emergency response reactions.

And, in the moment, this is a good thing! It helps move us through those extreme times. When the stressor is removed, and we get a healing night sleep then, if all is well, our healthy energy patterns re-establish themselves. But, ( and unfortunately it is a BIG BUT), many of us have been experiencing stressors for so long that our energy patterns are now stuck in a habit of non-health. And by non-health, I mean any way that your energies are working that don’t hold optimum health and vitality. So if you are prone to negative thinking, or feeling overwhelmed, if you have settled on having messed up hormones, if you feel it is OK to be reactive or aggressive, if you have pain in your body, or are working with a chronic illness….if you are anything other than radiant and brimming with health....then you are working with energy patterns that have become entrenched within your system.

In the previous few blogs we have explored ways that you can begin to change these patterns

  • Doing the Daily Energy Routine

  • Working with your adrenal glands

  • Tracing your Radiant Circuits

  • Working with Dragon breath

But I wanted to wrap up this exploration of surviving or thriving by letting you know just how possible it is to change these patterns.

It generally takes about six weeks to evolve a pattern of imbalance into one of health. And that is six weeks of doing the exercise at least once a day. The knowledge of this timeframe is held in our spiritual traditions - Moses up the mountain, Jesus in the wilderness, Buddha under the tree, and in our science understandings - research working with repatterning the brain or learning how to move again after a stroke has shown that at least 40 days is necessary.

So, to change from patterns that limit you to patterns that expand you, you need to commit to six weeks. For most people that is doable and the results are so empowering and rewarding.

Clients and students that I have worked with have moved themselves out of addictions, negative thought patterns, chronic pain, general disillusionment. They have returned to health from cancer, IBS, ME, PTSD (to name only a few) and, even more importantly, they have stayed well.  When you repattern your energy fields back into your template of health and vitality, then you have tools that mean no matter what life brings to you, you are able to remain in your balance and health.

The exercise I want to focus on in this blog is the homolateral cross-crawl. As we explored in the ‘Fabulous Figure 8’ we have an interconnective figure 8 pattern throughout our whole-body system. If this crossing-over pattern is not holding then it can take a lot longer to correct any patterns of ill-health, disease or negativity. We have to cross-over in order to function well and to share and maintain the new template of health.

We are familiar with the concept that the left brain governs the right side of the body and vice versa. We can look at the double helix of our DNA and see the cross-over at that intimate level. Each of our organs holds a cross-over pattern within it, that help determine healthy function. When we are tired or stressed then this pattern switches to more of an all over straight line pattern (homolateral meaning ‘same-sided). When this happens, instead of cross-overs through the body, we are walking around looking more like robots, with everything being a bit disparate and dysfunctional. It is a response of your whole-body system in order to make you tired. ‘Sleep’, shouts the body, ‘I need to repair and restore!’. And if you do sleep, then those amazing cross-over patterns come back into your system and you wake feeling refreshed and vital.

When I watch children whizzing through their day, most of them are crossing-over beautifully. Then, at whatever time that little one starts to get tired, the cross-over begins to switch between being homolateral and being crossed-over. After 30-45 minutes this switching moves over into being homolateral until the child sleeps. It is a wonderful part of our energy and is programmed to keep us healthy. The challenge is that many of us don’t sleep when we start getting tired! In fact, many of us are tired for most of the day and collapse into bed, we sleep and wake up still tired. That is why the caffeine and sugar industries are thriving!

But remember, the good news, is that we can evolve our energy patterns. So if you are someone who is chronically homolateral, you can help your energy systems switch from a homolateral habit into a healthy cross-over pattern. As we were evolving many millions of years ago we would have been walking and running for most of the daylight hours. This is nature’s way of making sure that we continually reinforce the essential cross-over pattern. How many of us walk for six+ hours in our daily lives now? Not me! So doing the homolateral cross-over exercise can be a wonderful way to help your whole-body system move back into health.

If you suspect or know that you are chronically homolateral then you will need to do this exercise more than once a day. When you correct an energy pattern through doing an exercise then it may hold for 23 hours and 59 minutes until you do it the following day, but more likely when you are starting to repattern your energy, it will hold for a little while (anything from a few minutes to a few hours or until you start getting tired/stressed etc). Over time, this repatterning is accumulative and while perhaps at first your system was only holding the new pattern for a short while, as you do it day after day then it begins to hold for longer and longer until it is repatterned back into your optimal health template. So the more often in a day that you can do the homolateral cross-over the better, as it will help hold the changing patterns in all of your energy systems.

Repattern your energy with me here on my Youtube channel.

Start working with it to really bring about profound changes in your whole-body system and move yourself from simply surviving into thoroughly thriving.

With love, prune


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