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September Energy Forecast 2021 - Clarity. Soul Path. Connection

The new moon is coming, and after it, everything will be changed. You are standing on the brink of ease, the edge of expansion and all you have to do is step up. And this isn’t the kind of stepping up that August demanded in all of its intensity and extremes. This is the stepping up that your soul is calling you towards. Stepping into more of your fullness, more of your truth, more of your wholeness.

The first week of September provides the bridge between the translucent grey energy that has been surrounding us for the previous few weeks and a clear citrine colour shining with clarity and light. The new moon of the 7th September really initiates the transformation of this energy and you may find that if you are reading this in early September, not much has changed for you yet, but it will. After the first few days, it will get easier and easier.

You will need to find your footing again, and as you walk through September, even though you may feel like you are walking on ice at first, you will begin to trust the ground beneath your feet more and more. It is time to touch base with friends again, to reach out. Breathe together, celebrate, hold hands.

This citrine energy is bright and clear, bringing the wisdoms that you have been gathering in the depths of the previous months out into your world. This month is the most external month that we’ve had all year as this golden citrine yellow invites you to expand, adapt and connect in different ways. One of the questions of this energy is how will you connect with value and integrity? Will you spend your energy nurturing relationships that have waned in strength and love? Will you spend your energy weaving the new threads of connection that will nourish you in the ways you wish to grow during this next phase of your life?

Because, that is what September brings. The start of the next phase of your life. What do you need to be able to truly step into it?

You’ve spent many months now digging around in the stuck patterns, clearing out the old, sitting in the depths and being pushed into your edges. The big intensity of the year is over. Look around you. Hold your head up.

September heralds the walking forward from this internal and introspective work. It’s time to expand and the upcoming months support you in this journey.

And it is not just your personal journey, but the collective journey of which we are all part of, for this citrine asks you to take your place as a compassionate carer of the Earth.

Your personal expansion and stepping up feeds into the changes that are occurring and so deeply necessary in our world. People are hurting, the animal realm is hurting, the natural world is hurting. Our whole planet is transitioning and each of us are playing a role in creating the human world we wish our children to inherit; one of balance, health, compassion and love. This month invites you to dip in and out of the collective consciousness that is building, growing, vibrating with love, with strength, with power and a different vision of how we can all be living. This means balancing your increased connection with friends, communities, societies with times of quiet in which you can connect into yourself.

This internal connection is essential for you to swim to your own soul and continue to listen, to feel and actively think about what weave you are bringing forward into the great web of life...

Why are you here?

What is your soul purpose moving you towards?

How can you connect in your fullest way, both internally and externally?

The Equinox of the 21st, riding in on a magnificent full moon energy, will bring even more light vibration to the clear citrine energy that you’ll be holding deeply by that time, and give you time to take a deep joyful breath, powering yourself, nurturing each cell as you bathe in that super vibration. Don’t be surprised if waves of emotions keep rolling over you this month (especially around this full moon time). In this citrine energy the deep calling of your soul will be connecting with the soul of the world and that sense of connection, of belonging, of being beloved of the Earth will tug at your heartstrings, at every cell, at the very core of you to bring more and more of you into full expression, full being.

This citrine whirls and spins around you and through you, inviting this meeting place of you as individual, you as collective, you as part of the planet, and will inspire you to cherish the Earth even more than you already do. I can hear the citrine energy moving in and its vibration creates a beautiful song, one that will leave our hearts filled with longing and passion to cherish each other and cherish the Earth that holds us so strong, giving continual nourishment and shelter to our bodies and our souls.

I invite you to ask yourself:

What can you do in return?

How can you steward this Earth more?

What can you do in a practical way, a financial way, in a prayer-based way?

Can you be a guardian of the Earth?

In the following video, I share some exercises that will help you and your energy systems align with and connect into the vastness of this amazing citrine energy.

Together we are so immense. Our collective energy field can change the world, and will do so. This citrine colour calls that knowledge deep into your being. The start of the rest of your life. AMAZING. And I’m glad I’m here with you.

With much love and CELEBRATION!



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