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October Energy Forecast 2022 - Rebalancing your Boundaries. Releasing your Potential

Are you ready for this month? The dark yellowy-green vibration will be intense. That doesn’t mean it will necessarily be bad or problematic; love affairs are intense, a 100 metre sprint can be intense, an unexpected hormonal shift can be intense, but none of those are necessarily negative experiences. At times this month will feel thick and dark and deep, filled with the unknown immensity of deep space, at other times it will feel as if you are at the eye of a fast-moving storm, sheltered and protected at the very centre but aware of the chaos all around you.

The intensity of this month will wrap around you and within you, meaning that the intention and attention that you take to everything you experience during this month of October will determine just about everything in the way you’ll experience it.

If you try to analyse the mystery of deep space you’ll miss the mystery.

If you try to grab or control the spinning tornado you’ll be sucked into it.

Key themes

The two biggest themes this month are boundaries and the constant potential in the space between all boundaries.

  • What needs paying attention to in your life?

  • What thought patterns restrict you and limit your ability to access the magnificent and endless joy that is continually emanating from your radiant core?

  • When you look at the foundation of your resilience, where are the cracks?

What it means for your body

The energy this month invites you to take your full attention to your boundaries.

One of the most common things I see in my practice and teaching is not that your boundaries are too weak, but that they are not in relationship with each other and therefore they are not able to help you be your fullest expression.

Energetically, boundaries show up in many different parts of your whole-body system. The primary boundary is that between your core soul, housed in your energetic core and your radiant soul, that emanates through every part of your physicality, your biofield and beyond. This is a fascinating place energetically as it initiates and encodes the template of health that occurs in every other boundary in your whole-body system. COOL!

Each cell has a membrane of boundary, as does each organ and compartment of the body, there is the huge and wise boundary of your skin, that dynamic and energetic place of division between what is energy and matter and what is simply energy. Then there is the boundary of your aura, the auric membrane. This list of boundaries could go on and on, moving from the nucleus of each of your trillions of cells to the boundaries around your thoughts, your emotions, your mind, your perceptions of yourself, the boundaries of your identity, of your beliefs, of your stories; you are an unfolding multiple of boundaries! Which lets you see why this month, that directs so much energy to your boundaries, could be very very intense!

Physically, your skin, as the biggest physical boundary in your body, could well take some strain, showing up in dryness, sagginess, redness and itching.

Doing the energy practices in my video below can help align your whole system to support your skin.


  • How do you nurture your skin as the interface between the physical you and the non-physical you?

  • How does your diet, your sleep, your clothes, your lifestyle support all of the skin on your body?

  • How do you nurture your own depths so you are more easily able to assert yourself and your peaceful boundaries with compassion.

  • Where do you need to support your boundaries?

  • Where do you trample or exert pressure on someone else’s boundaries? Perhaps this is through a sense of care or protection. How can you respect their boundaries more?

What it means for your mind

One of the biggest questions that is showing up for the wisdom of your mind to explore is: What are you accepting that is unacceptable?

Nothing takes down your energy system quicker than trying to digest something that is non-digestible. This is as true whether it is a physical substance, like trying to digest a piece of plastic, or an energetic substance, such as an untruth or an unresolved trauma.

What are you accepting that is unacceptable? It is a massive question and one that your system may try to quickly skip over with a ‘nothing’.

  • How acceptable do you find our current political systems?

  • How acceptable do you find our current financial systems?

  • How acceptable do you find our current environmental care systems?

  • How acceptable do you find our current justice systems?

  • How acceptable do you find our current education systems?

  • How acceptable do you find our current social systems?

  • How acceptable do you find our current Elder care systems? </