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November Energy Forecast 2022 - Shapeshifting. Freedom. Choice.

You have so much power.

Every second of every day, you get to choose who you are and how you want to be; how you want to feel, how you want to see the world, how you want to be seen, how you want to be in the world.

Have you ever thought about what you would write if you sat down right now to write a kind of stage of life obituary? I know you have many more years to live. But what would you write if you needed to write an overview of how you have lived your life?

Take a few breaths and think about it.

What would you write?

And even more importantly for the next years of your life, how do you feel about what you would write? You only die once, but you live every second of every day.

Are you satisfied with how you are living your life?

The energy of November lifts as suddenly and magnificently as the October energy dove down and closed in on us all. Unlike many of the previous vibrations this year, November's energy shows up like the colours of dawn, just before the sun rises. A merging rainbow of soft blues, pinks, golds and oranges. BEAUTIFUL!

This nourishing and expansive energy encourages you to get really up close and curious with yourself. Who are you and how much of the real you do you show the world? It supports and grounds your awareness so you are able to observe and evolve the emotions that limit you. It wraps around and through your cells so you are able to experience more of the life-affirming emotions that encourage you to be more and more you as you walk your unique and precious soul path.

Key Themes

  • Relax for a bit. Consolidate and integrate.

  • Enjoy the fact you are alive and have come this far.

  • Understand you are a shapeshifter.

  • Know you have the power to choose.

The energy of October meant that last month was deep and hard and difficult for many people. This month you can draw those threads of challenge to yourself and embrace them, for November brings the cosmic soup of creation right into your own energy fields, activating your template of health, and releasing more of the wild wisdom that lives within you.

What it means for your body

So much of your physicality is linked to your abdominal area. Energetically, it is the place of your lower dantian, and your first and second chakras. Physically, it is the place of your digestive organs, your reproductive organs, and your umbilicus - that sacred place where you were connected to your mum right in the depth of her abdominal area. This month, look after this profound and important part of your body. Eat food that nourishes you rather than depletes you. Rest well. Love well. Laugh a lot. Connect with the beauty and power of the Earth in your favourite way.

In my Energy Forecast video below, I lead you through some simple and powerful techniques to help restore the energy to this essential part of your whole-body system so that you are rooted deeply into the power and joy of your own life.

What it means for your mind

How much joy do you experience on a daily basis? Is it possible for you to experience joy right at the centre of your own life so that no matter what’s going on in your day you are still connected to the feeling of joy, peace, hope and happiness?

The energies behind these emotions sustain you at every level, helping you to be grounded, centred, resilient and connected to yourself and others. These are the worthy energies, the ones that say YES to you living your beautiful life.

This month, the merged rainbow of dawn colours invite you to get skilled in how you can shapeshift your emotions to change your everyday reality and therefore to really engage in your unique soul path. Emotions are energies. They carry their own specific vibration. The energy of joy is quite different from the energy of anger and that is why you experience them so differently. The effect the energy of an emotion has on your body is direct, changing physiology, blood chemistry and hormonal release. Every day, in every situation, you get to choose. Is it easy? Yes, sometimes. Is it difficult? Yes, sometimes. The more you can practice being aware of your emotions, knowing they are an energy and that you can affect them, support them and balance them, the more skilled you become at actively engaging in empowered choice.

You don't have to react out of old habits and dysfunctional patterns. You can respond as you wish, from the wisdom of your depth.

There are three simple steps to using your own energy to heal whatever isn’t working in your life; and that may be your physical health, emotional turmoil or disconnection, or simply the feeling that you aren't quite living the life that you are MEANT to be living.

Step 1: Know the basic anatomy of your amazing energy system and how it supports and connects everything about you.

Step 2: Learn how to tell if these systems are in balance or out of balance, if they hold patterns of health or disturbance and dis-ease.

This is a month to sing your life into being in the way that you truly wish to live.

What it means for your soul

The uniquely merged colours of November’s cosmic energy indicate the continued emergence of human consciousness, because for many of us now the human energy field is interacting differently with the cosmic energy field than it was before. As we receive the energy from the cosmic field more subtly, our ability to interact with, process and consciously understand the information within it is increasing. You are being reminded that you are an essential part of creation, and that your life, with all of its energy, resonates out into the whole, helping to shapeshift the world away from its current problems and towards a regenerative existence for all of creation.

This is a very powerful time to engage in Ceremony.

The merged dawn colour begins to move you towards the magic and mystery of December and it is a great month to engage in ceremony, whether you are celebrating the Celtic New Year, or engaging in the profound healing work of honouring your ancestors.

If you want to align more deeply to the energy of November, then in my Membership Video I lead you in a gentle practice that creates a bridge between your ancestors that need healing and your ancestors that bring the needed healing. It is a beautiful and profound shamanic practice, inviting healing and balance throughout your family tree so that you, and all of your descendants, can benefit.

I hope that the beauty of this month inspires you to be even more you. You are amazing.

With love,



My Energy Forecast Membership

I am so happy to let you know about my Energy Forecast membership videos. As well as the Energy Forecast video you'll find within these Energy Forecast blogs and on my YouTube channel, I am also releasing a second video for my YouTube members that goes deeper into explaining more of the overview and themes of the months and how you can align your own energy to help evolve your health and radiance.

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