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March 2023 Energy Forecast - Stability, Resilience, Connection

How did February go for you?

Were you able to feel and really listen to the longings of your soul? What came forward for you? Maybe you had the time and depth to really listen to the song of your soul and are feeling great, or maybe February shook you to your core as you came face to face with some of your deeper longings and needs.

One of the questions I get asked a lot is ‘how can I find my soul path?’. There is nothing to find, you are already on it. From the moment of conception until after your death, you are living your soul path, no matter what challenges or what confusion are present in your life. Everything you experience is part of your own, unique path. I feel the real question is not ‘how can I find my soul path?’, but ‘how can I best align my life to my soul path?’, or, in other words, ‘how can I align my life purpose and my soul path?’.

To answer this beautiful question, you need to be able to listen to the soul wisdom that is continually flowing through every one of your energy systems and every one of your cells. I think of this soul wisdom as your soulsong and it is always present. There is never a time when you aren’t resonant with soul energy, you hum with it, you breathe it in and you breathe it out, your voice carries it, your cells dance with it, your skin shines your soulsong in luminous waves. Every filament of your biofield sings it. You are an exquisitely brilliant soul, singing your life into being.

Is that how you feel? Every day? Even the tough ones? I hope so because it is true, and yet, it can be so very very difficult to really know your own beauty, your own worth, your own power through the noise, the chatter, the fuss and the rush of our modern world. And this is where the energy of February was so essential. If you consciously aligned yourself to it, you were able to hear, feel, think, know more about your own soul needs, and therefore your own life purpose.

March brings forward the energy to empower those of you who are feeling your soulsong, even if you still have a million questions about it. It encourages those of you who have that sense that there must be more to how you are currently experiencing your reality, there must be another way. That the difficulty of daily living isn’t all there is to life.

This March the cosmic energy shows itself as a thick blood red colour. Deep and pulsing, encouraging the questions and the longings to be housed more fully in your body. This helps you make sense of your soul wisdom. It helps bring conscious understanding to the deep (and often murky) waters of your subconscious to be held, and understood. The next step then is action. How do you bring the beating of your blood into these longings to make them manifest? What do you need to do?

Key themes

  • Embodied wisdom

  • Soul path alignment

  • Tending to your resilience

What it means for your body

This is the month to look for and find stability. Maybe you already know exactly what you need to do in the day to stay energetically resilient, joyful and healthy. In which case, don’t change a thing. But if that doesn’t describe your daily life, then my biggest suggestion to you is to bring in a daily practice.

In my Energy Forecast video below, I give you a daily practice to help bring in the deep stability that is so essential in the throbbing blood red energy of this month. We especially concentrate on the chest areas (heart and lungs) and the gut area (Lower Dantian and immunity). It is my suggestion that you see if you can find the same time each day to do this practice as that can help hold the stability in your energy field even deeper.

What it means for your mind

You may well find that the cosmic energy this month brings oscillating emotions and thoughts. As you ground deeper into the embodiment and understanding of your soulsong, you may feel disheartened or doubting

Thoughts such as:

  • Who am I to really feel healthy, joyful and beautiful? I don’t deserve it.

  • This is just the way it is and I should accept it.

  • There’s nothing I can do to change it.

Right now, it is so tempting to bury our heads in our hands and not think at all.

But you have choice in every situation. Every minute of every day. What do you choose? Every one of your thoughts, feelings and actions ripple a vibration of information out into the world and because of this, you hold an essential and active part in co-creating the reality of our world.

What it means for your Soul

The good news is that March, with its deep blood red colour, is one of the deepest energies that we’ll be meeting this year. Deep doesn’t mean bad, it simply means deep. Perhaps you will meet it wonderfully and feel the power and presence of it. But often, we don’t get the opportunity to connect to the depths of ourselves and so it can be uncertain and even scary at times. Deep breaths, daily practice, be prepared for the ride. You will not break, but can you swim? Can you flow with the energy of this month? This moon?

A new level of consciousness and engagement is being activated in your entire energy field and there are parts of your soul awakening, those that have lain dormant for so long. It will be the year of activation and awakening, more unfolding, profound initiation.

Listen deep, feel deep, and move back into yourself to understand. Give yourself time and do the work. I know you can do it. Don’t doubt yourself, even when doubt is present in your awareness. There is a vibration within this March energy that suggests that this is the reset button for the entire year, this is the opportunity for you to either have great challenges through the year, or to find a new foundation, a new ground to stand on inside yourself. The ground of your own being.

Call on the courageous warriorship that the cosmic energies of last year activated in your entire energy system. Now is the time to reaffirm (or make) the commitment to yourself and your soulsong this year.

Let’s do it together.

With love, always,



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