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June 2023 Energy Forecast - Active Choice. Power of Attention. Empowered Living

As I’m looking at the rich and bright bronze colour coming into the level of the human energy fields, I am wowed by it. I have never seen a bronze colour in the cosmic energy field before. Not like this. And it follows closely on the shimmering silver vibration of May, subtly shifting us as we are encouraged to evolve that little bit more in both our personal and collective consciousness levels.

Key themes

  • Active Choice and the Power of Attention

  • The stillness within urgency

  • Expansive Clarity

  • Warriorship of the Heart

  • Vagus Nerve as the essential link between brain and gut

What a month. What potential!

The moon peaks in its fullness early June (4th) and it heralds the deep settling of this Bronze vibration into the human field, although those of you who are highly sensitive will have felt it coming in for several days already by that time, as it is being easily carried within the previous silver vibration of May.

As someone with an orange soul colour, this Bronze lights me up immensely, but no matter your soul colour, this cosmic field is expansive and filled with potential. It carries momentum within it, and at the very centre of that momentum is a beautiful paradox; that of the energy of urgency and the need to leap forward AND that of stillness of profound presence.

It brings forward questions around your capacity to really show up in the present moment, whatever is going on for you, and to still hold your vision for your life and our global future. Big stuff!

And hopefully, if you are able to work with the energy and practices of this month, you can realise that you have a choice, a very real and vital choice.

  • Can you experience the bigness of this month and stay grounded?

  • Can you be present to your own life just as it is at the moment and tend to your vision for your future?

  • Can you feel the joy of this month even as you feel the momentum and urgency within it?

This is a month to be mindful of where you choose to put your attention and focus, and to hold to and tend the immense courage of your heart. We have the Summer (or Winter) Solstice to peak this cosmic energy and to take it both higher and lower into our energy systems. Every one of your cells will be wrapped in it, your breath will be carrying it deeper into your body and more into your world.

What it means for your body

Anytime we meet big cosmic energy it can trigger old patterns of habit in your energy, activating the defensive mechanisms of your sympathetic nervous system and lock you in the holding strategy of fight-flight or freeze. I hope that you were able to work with the liver energy in the Diamond of Hope practice I shared with you in May, as that will have set you up well to be able to meet this Bronze vibration. Liver harmonisation helps you ground deeply and integrate all of the millions of energetic vibrations you are continually interacting with as you go through your day.

This month, the part of your body that I most suggest you put your focus and attention on is your vagus nerve.

It is part of the Sacred Axis of your Soul, and as such it is an essential bridge between your gut and your brain, the deep and cosmic wiring of your nervous system and how you bring your wild wisdom out into the world.

In the practice I have recorded for you this month I share with you a powerful and joyful sequence to help you enliven and activate your vagus nerve so you are able to meet this big bronze cosmic vibration and remain in the creative and responsive energy field of your parasympathetic nervous system rather than being triggered into the habitual and reactive energy field of the sympathetic nervous system. Your vagus nerve holds so much potential, power and wisdom to help hold you stable, resilient and vibrant.

What it means for your mind and soul

  • When you dream the world forward, what is the world that you are dreaming into being?

  • If you could identify your purpose, your life purpose, what is it?

  • What do you truly need to be you?

These are the big questions of this bronze vibration this month and they are not just questions to ponder about in an internal circle of thought. These are the questions to open your courage to and get curious about how you bring them, and their emerging answers, out into your world. You are important. You are important and essential in this great web of life. June invites you to really explore how you choose to live your life as an essential and embodied soul.

With love, always,



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