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June Energy Forecast 2021 - Freedom. Clearing the Clutter. Leaping Forward

With the Summer Solstice this month, we are drawing towards the middle of the year. Is anyone else feeling a bit surprised by that!? Rarely does the movement of the year catch me by surprise but this year it is doing so, with the odd shifting and continual social transitions back and forth due to coronavirus restrictions.

Are you feeling the Moon today?

Illuminating, powerful, massive, eclipse, generous. These are some of the words that come to mind when I want to describe the energy of this full moon. It heralds a dynamic shift from the months of April and May with their intense communications and sometimes overwhelming speed.

The full moon blazes with the Isis Blue vibration that has been prevalent throughout May and in its waning brings in June’s energy of potential and freedom. It carries a powerful fuchsia pink vibration that lifts you, connects you, and invites you forward.

If there was just one word that summed up what I’m seeing in this month’s energy, it is FREEDOM.

Yes, this means more and more freedom on a physical level with borders beginning to open up and social activity beginning to be more expansive, and even more importantly, it offers freedom from old ways of being and patterns of limitation.

These patterns of dysfunction or dis-ease can be held anywhere in your energy system, from the most superficial meridian channel, to the cosmically connecting chakra system, or to your ancestral/family energy field. Old patterns that no longer serve you can be held in your physical body, your emotions, your neurology. They can be influenced by every energy that surrounds you whether that is the energy of your home or the land beneath it, or the energy of the people in your life and the work that you are engaged in.

In other words they can show up in every part of your life.

At times you may feel like you have no choice, and that you are a victim to the way these patterns simply play out in your body, your thoughts, your emotions, your relationships and your life. And I would suggest that oftentimes this is absolutely true. You have no choice. You react the way you react because you learnt it from a parent, or you used it as a strategy to get through repressive days at school or work, or dealing with bullies, or trying to fit in, or, or or. There are a myriad of different ways that such old dysfunctional patterns show up in daily life.

The choice doesn’t always exist in changing the old and limiting pattern that you are experiencing.

The choice exists in understanding that it is an old and limiting pattern.

The second you understand it as simply an old pattern you engage in an inherently different relationship with that pattern and you begin to have choices about what you want to do about it.

It is a bit like having a wardrobe that is stuffed too full with clothes. Every day you open the wardrobe and try to move the coat hangers so that you can find something to wear. And every day, you can't budge those coat hangers because the rail is just too crammed. And the challenge isn’t only that there are too many clothes, but that it is full of clothes that you don’t really wear; ones that carry nostalgia and loss, or fear or shame, fear of not belonging, or trying so hard to fit in. Clothes that cost a lot… in so many ways.

So you look all along the bottom of the clothes until you find something that you pull out (possibly a bit crushed and wrinkled) and you wear it for the day. It works. You manage. Until you finally get fed up with it and empty all of the clothes, sorting them out to figure out what you want to keep, and what you want to give away, what you NEED to give away. And it takes a while, and it feels big while you are doing it. And then the sorting is done and you feel different.

You hang them back up, already feeling great about the fact that the next day you’ll open that wardrobe door and have the space and freedom of really choosing what to wear. You begin to look forward instead of back.

It is exactly like that with old and limiting energetic habits; they exist and you just function around them, occasionally noticing that things aren’t quite how you would like them to be and maybe, if you are observant to yourself, that you aren’t quite how you want to be, how you think you ‘really are’ inside.

This month gives you the opportunity to clear out some of those old patterns, for the energy of June holds the ‘wardrobe door’ open wide. Building on the intensity of the last two months, (and several years!) this fuchsia pink brings a vibration into your energy fields that shakes things up just enough to help you identify and shift some of your old patterns. The more you notice, the more you bring your consciousness to them, the quicker the potential for them to dissolve and leave you with more energy, more clarity, and more connection.

In my energy forecast video this month I share a simple routine to help you align with the cosmic field and begin to invite the clearing of old patterns and habits. We also look at how to continue to support the pineal gland as you integrate the light and dark of the May full lunar eclipse and bring this changing vibration smoothly into your nervous system so you can gently and joyously experience the full potential of June.

This month of June is great for connections. Heart connections that nurture you and others. This is the month for sharing laughter, sharing insecurities, sharing vulnerability, and sharing yourself. The cosmic energy invites you to reconnect and to start finding each other; find more other people who are like you.

Really like you.

People who think like you, ask the same kinds of questions that you are asking, people who are curious and no longer willing to engage in closed-mindedness. Look for your community, no matter whether you are together in person, in a zoom room, or in a social media network. There are millions of people filled with light, just as you are, just as I am, and this month’s energy will call us together, to see each other with more clarity and more ability to connect.

This is the month to look for the community that nourishes your heart and soul. Ask to be shown it, and to allow the cosmic energy to support your consciousness in manifesting it, not for just for yourself, but for everyone, like a pod of dolphins swimming, playing, calling, being together, dreaming together, co-creating together.

Energetically there is the potential for profound shifts to occur every time you connect with others, enabling a beautiful transmission of hope, strength, and resilience to ripple out into the world.

With love



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