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January Energy Forecast 2022 - Inspiration. Passion. Fire

The new moon of early January heralds a new phase in our continuing emergence and evolving consciousness.

The energetic vibration it brings in will help it feel like the pace is picking up again. You know those times when it feels like you are swimming upstream and the tide is against you? You know the times when it feels like you are floating effortlessly, being carried by the alignment of your own life? (I hope that you know that feeling anyway!) Well, what you experience this month might be a little different from either of those.

As you align closer and closer with what is being asked of you in our uncertain and evolving world, this month is calling you to action, to move with intent and purpose along your unique soul path.

The cosmic vibration of this month is a radiant orange colour. Rich, inspiring, and active. As it moves towards, through and around your human energy field, it will be calling forward and activating the spark of passion that lives within you. Passion for life, passion for change, passion for deeper connection, passion for your full soul expression, passion for your Self! If you are able to align with it, this radiant orange encourages and calls into being the fire in the heart of all humans, the heartflame that nurtures love, compassion and connection.

You have the choice to resist this energy, and feel like you are swimming upstream, or to align with it and begin to swim, to dance, to engage with the great web of life so that you become more and more an active participant not only with the biggest potential of your own life, but with the potential of life itself. You are both the weaver and a thread of the great cosmic web of connectivity, and your role in shaping the future that is waiting to emerge is vital.

In December, I spent a week in a tiny, 16th century thatched cottage, in deep communication with my guides. I have always had the ability to channel information, for within my normal experience of being a synesthete, channelling as a form of perception and connection is an active and innate part of how I perceive energy and connect with energy.

Being a synesthete means there is little separation between my senses. Synesthesia means ‘perceive together’ or, as webmd states ‘synesthesia is when you hear music, but see shapes. Or you hear a word and instantly see a colour. Synesthesia is a fancy name for when you experience one of your senses through another’.

I have always experienced the world this way and, with my twin walking in the otherworld, even as I walk in this world, communication from the spirit world is pretty normal for me too. When my natural language, like yours, is the language of energy, then the invisible holds as much information as the visible, for energy is information, and information is always carried with energetic communication.

As I sat in communication, I asked to be shown the flow and shape of the cosmic energetic vibration throughout 2022. I did this last year as well, being on sacred land at the Winter Solstice, but had not shared that information with you as I was still feeling into the place of openly talking about channelling information rather than only seeing energy.

That is one of the beautiful gifts of being hospitalised with coronavirus and spending nine days in the rich and profound sentience of the Void, walking the paths of the dead. It means that this year, you get me without filters, without concern about what perhaps individuals are ready to hear, or how we are needing to hear it. I have walked a careful line for several decades now, waiting for the time when experiences that can’t be validated by our current scientific understandings are needed within the mainstream culture; when ceremony, channelling, conscious being and authentic doing are being invited in to help make sense of a rapidly changing world. And that time is now, and I am delighted to be here with you and for us all to be bringing those changes in together.

So, back to the overview of 2022: It is going to be an intense year. (Probably no surprise there to you or anyone else!).

It is a year of Sacred Transmutation, when we continue to let go of what no longer serves us as a healthy, balanced and conscious collective of human beings.

This level of change is never comfortable; 2022 will bring big questions that as of yet, we have no answers for, but it also brings the energy and support for us all to come together in intent, awareness and action so that we begin to discover the relevant questions, to unravel them from the legacy of our modern times. This, in turn, will mean we can find the creative solutions that I believe are so ready to be found, as if they are around the corner just waiting for us to open the door of awareness.

The other big theme this year is Courageous Warriorship. I recently spoke about this in an interview with Forest Witch and educator Imelda Almqvist. Courageous warriorship is the energy of bringing compassionate connection into all parts of your life, including your inner world as well as the outer world. It is the energy of being gentle with yourself even as you step forward to be brave, inviting space and play in your everyday even as you bring volition and action forward, of reaching out and reaching in so that you always feel supported and know your place as an essential beloved piece of a much bigger picture.

So! The radiant orange vibration of January kicks off this sacred transmutation by speeding things up! Encouraging you to move forward with intent and purpose and to find the ways that most support you in being able to live your full soul expression. This is the month for inspired movement, inspired action, inspired being.

It raises the essential questions:

What inspires you?

Who inspires you?

What or who helps you be more you?

This is a month to gather your resources to you. Just as our ancestors gathered their food close to them during the fallow times of January (here in the Northern Hemisphere), this is the time to gather to you the nourishment you need.

What stories can keep your heartflame alive this winter?

What films/podcasts/books can nurture you and inspire you?

What can support and give wind to the sparks of passion that live with you so that they may grow in harmony, balance and strength?

Equally important is the question of ‘what gets in the way of your inspiration?’. If you find yourself using the excuse that you are ‘just too busy’ to get inspired, or ‘just too tired’ to read/listen/watch something, then pay attention to that. How do you create the space in your life to get inspired? Without this space, creativity, inspiration, and active hope all get squeezed to the edges of your life, the edges of your awareness and the edges of your energy. You begin to function more and more in the habitual energy fields fuelled by the chemistry of survival and fight, flight, freeze. This will never bring expansiveness, connection and the needed change into your world and therefore into our world.

So I ask again, What gets in the way of your inspiration? What gets in the way of your enquiry, your curiosity, your passion for life?

Physically, the radiant orange vibration of this month’s cosmic energy field has the potential to lift and lighten the lungs, or to clog them and make them feel heavy. Take some time to breathe consciously, honouring the knowledge that at as you breathe fresh air into your lungs, you also open your energy fields for inspirational fresh energy to be brought in and taken deep. As you breathe out consciously, allow your breath to carry away old ways of being, old pains, old patterns, and offer them to the universe to be transformed, and transmuted so that that energy can become part of the dynamic healing of yourself, your communities and the planet.

This month in my main Energy Forecast video below, I show you ways that you can use energy exercises to align to the expansive and warming energy of January to help your lung health and bring more inspiration in your life.

In my members-only Energy Forecast video that you can access by joining my membership channel I share with you how you can activate that balanced fire energy within your whole body system so that information can flow more fully from your energetic core, that houses your soul energy, forward through all of your other energy systems in order to feel more stable, resilient and connective.

Wishing you a month where your passion for life is highly contagious to everyone in your world,

With love, Prune


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