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February Energy Forecast 2021 - Intensity. Identity. Boundaries

This is a month to dig deep and hold on tight! I wish I could say that the energy coming in for February will be breezy, light and filled with joy, but I can’t.

The colour of this month’s energy field is a rich, plummy claret. You’ll remember that last month was a blood red colour so this claret vibration heralds the next step along the evolutionary shift that is pressing strongly as we move through 2021.

The energy of February arrives on the January Full Moon of the 27th, for this moon holds an apex of intensity which then gallops straight into February.

You may feel the energy of this month to be deafening in its demands as it roars, shouts, crashes and rages. And all for what? For you to take your place and stand tall, for you to let go of the feeling that others will make a change and instead for you to be that change, for you to radiate your own light and to share your unique and precious life purpose with the world.

The energy this month will pour around you and through you and has a particular entry point through two places in your energetic and physical body.

The first is your solar plexus and this will magnify all of the associations of the solar plexus Chakra including asking you to explore your perceptions of your identity, of the way your life is empowered or not, of your self esteem and self confidence, and of your ability to relate to others while still being able to hold your own natural and healthy boundaries.


Where is your power? Are you living your empowered life and if not then what needs to continue to change so that you can? The ‘Solar’ energy of the solar plexus area invites the vast radiance of the sun to be housed and shone through your whole being. To feel the fire of joy and the passion of life, even in the darkness of winter.


What is your identity? Who are you? Who are you not? Are you who you want to be when you listen to the calling of your essence, your soul? Identity can be forged in defensiveness and reactivity or in trust, expansiveness and connectiveness. When identity is forged and crafted in defensiveness and reactivity there is a constant undercurrent of desperation that sits deep within your energy, your body, your emotions and your thoughts. The energy of this month will poke at that desperation and call it into question, asking you to explore where your identity needs help to come more into balance and more into alignment with the conscious movement of your life. In all moments you have choice.

When your identity is crafted in trust and connectiveness any interaction you have with others can be transformational rather than transactional. No longer do you have to fight your corner or defend your opinion. Every meeting with others, no matter whether they are loved ones, colleagues or strangers holds the seed of potential, nurtured by the presence of compassion and respect. Discussions can unfold to reveal to you deeper wisdoms from your own soul, and in doing so transform your life.


Your identity also forms the foundation of your boundaries and determines whether they are balanced and healthy, or volatile, reactive and destructive to you and those around you. The energy this month supports careful examination of your boundaries and invites you to ensure they are resilient so they can hold you strong, peaceful and joyous in the surrounding intensity.

The second place that the energy of this month will most affect you physically is at the very top of the spine where the vertebrae of your neck meet your skull. This is an immensely powerful point charged with electrical energy and also diving straight into the nervous system. This may mean that you feel particularly charged and jangled this month, with an edgy fractious energy. In my video for this month I show you ways to support your nervous system and hold your deep groundedness so you are able to discharge this excess fractious energy. I also share ways to support your solar plexus energy so that you are able to meet the challenges of the month in greater balance and harmony.

This month will call upon your strength, courage and determination.

The work that you have been doing throughout all of 2020 has laid the foundation for this strength and courage as you cleared more and more old patterns and restrictive ways of being. There are understandings in this claret vibration of the awareness of a need for stealth and endurance, for awareness of, and compassion for, the complexity that is every present in any situation, AND of delighting in the ever-present joys of daily life, no matter how small. Joys such as breathing, blinking, the appearance of the sun, the sound of birdsong, the smile you can give yourself when you look in the mirror.

It is as if the cosmic energy is inviting you, calling you, daring you to shine your heart strength, your heart energy, your heart wisdom into your world for the benefit of all of the cosmos.

In the intensity of this month, I’m so glad we are in this together! I am inspired to know that you are showing up, standing tall, and inviting transformation into every cell in your body and every filament of your energy. Together we are so powerful as we send the vibration of harmony, health and vitality into the great web of life that we live within.

With love, Prune


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