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December Energy Forecast 2022 - Magic. Mystery. Ancient Awakening

December is a month to throw your heart open and embrace the magic that exists in every part of your world.

Einstein tells us “There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle, or you can live as if everything is a miracle.”

What about you? How do you live your life?

Key Themes

  • Expanding beyond stress

  • Rediscovering the beauty and joy of life

  • Relaxing into your own magnificence

The cosmic vibration this month shows itself as a rich swirling teal colour, so deep and dark in places that it’s closer to indigo. Its colours shift and swirl with the magnificence of a peacock's tail.

It is immense and powerful, reminding every part of your being that despite the possible humdrum of everyday life, despite the endless to-do lists, despite the worry of our political, economic, social and environmental challenges, we live in a magical world filled with mystery and wonder.

Can you think of the time in your life when you have most believed that? What was going on for you?

Perhaps you were falling in love, or had just left a situation in which you felt constricted and were taking a great big breath of freedom for the first time in a while. Perhaps it was when you were a child and you still ‘believed’ in magic and wonder.

I believe in magic and wonder. I see it every day. I feel it every day. Magic and mystery exist in the very heart of science, in the logical threads of rationality, in the analytical thinking of a researcher, just as it exists in the sparkle of a grandfather’s eyes, the dream state we all enter each night, or in the steeliness of an activist’s heart as they chain themselves to an ancient tree. It exists in the spiral of a seashell, the canopy of a rainforest, the wise eyes of animals and the open smile of a child as you pass them on the street.

Magic and mystery exist as an everyday normal in the natural world, and you and I are forever a part of the natural world.

What it means for your body

As the cosmic energy of this month moves around you and through you, it is abundant and connective. It continues to support you becoming more and more you, as it calls your soul radiance out into your daily life. The areas it will most affect your body system are that of the heart and lungs. As ever with these cosmic energies, if you are able to align with them and be carried with this beautiful deep teal wave of information, you will feel the expansive benefits and your chest area has the potential to be lighter, brighter, easier and more embracive than before.

The potential for your breath to truly rejuvenate and inspire every part of your cells, your thoughts, your feelings and your life, is vast this month. If you are not able to align with them, your chest area may well feel constricted, resistant, or tumultuous as it seeks to stretch and release what is holding you back from really being you.

As always, I create two videos each month to help you align with the cosmic energy all around you.

In the first video (below), which you’ll also find on my YouTube channel, I lead you through some simple and powerful techniques to help balance the energy of your chest area so that you are able to align most fully and joyfully with the gifts in this deep teal vibration.

In the second video, which you can watch on my membership channel, I lead you in The Great Spiral, a beautiful practice that can balance the fundamental elemental energies of Earth, Air, Water and Fire. When these energies are cohesive and balanced in your energy system you are able to feel deeply grounded, inspired, creative and courageous as you dance your own soul path forward.

What it means for your mind

“We have calcium in our bones,

iron in our veins,

carbon in our souls,

and nitrogen in our brains.

93 percent stardust,

with souls made of flames,

we are all just stars

that have people names”.

~Nikita Gill

This December vibration is an amazing bridge between your inner and outer worlds, your yin and your yang, your being and your doing, your subconscious thoughts and your conscious thoughts.

Magic and wonder is a state of consciousness. So, like Einstein, I ask ‘Are you living as if nothing is a miracle, or are you living as if everything is a miracle?

Think back to when you were most in touch with the magic of the Universe.

- When the night sky wowed you and you felt it even when the sun was shining.

- When you were awed by the movement of an animal in its power, grace and the way it was so utterly itself.

- When you watched a sunset or sunrise and felt, without any doubt, the vastness and beauty of this world that is home to us all.

Or perhaps, as you read these, another memory or thought has risen up in your heart and mind; the birth of a child, the feeling of rain on your face after a long dry period, the embrace of your beloved after an absence.

What has occurred in your life to open your heart to the mystery of the Universe in its everyday magnificence and wonder? Now, with that memory in your mind and in your heart, check in with how you are feeling in your everyday.

Did you experience that wonder and magic yesterday? The day before?

Magic and wonder is a state of consciousness, and you get to choose your own consciousness every minute of every day. The to-do lists will always be there. Just like the magic. Which one are you paying more attention to this month?

What it means for your soul

The energy and information in this teal vibration is a massive activator for your soul

energy and that is EXCITING! It means that the places in you that have been waiting to show themselves more and more are going to be deeply supported in doing so this month. And you don’t have to work hard to help this process happen. This is neither the month to tuck away or hide from yourself, nor the month to really effort and use willpower to do what you are waiting to do. This is the month to allow your inner thoughts, your dreams and your real manner of being to ease through your everyday more and more.

You don’t have to try and shine. You don’t have to try to be more you.

This month you get to relax into your own magnificence, to access your sweet wild wisdom and to know that you are already totally enough and that your unique life is essential, as we together help our world transition towards more healing and harmony.

This teal energy moves in ways that remind us, on a cellular and soulular level, of exactly what our ancestors knew; that each of us is part of the great connective web of life and through this sacred and joyful connection we are part of co-creating not just our own way of living, but life itself. Such wise and ancient understandings are calling forward into the now, on the voices of the indigenous wisdom keepers, on the world work of each of us who are determined to be part of a better world, and on the whisper of the winds of change,

My wish for you is that this month, you can grab, embrace, breathe in and hold onto this deep teal vibration in all its gifts, drawing them into every cell, every thought, every feeling and every dream so that you feel nourished, sustained and inspired as you move through this deep time of year.

With love, always,



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