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December Energy Forecast 2021 - Empowered. Enlivened. Enough

Oh what a month! Wrap yourself in the silver-blue vibration of this December. It is a bright month, an uplifting month, a radiant month.

YIPPEE!! What a joy to be sitting here looking at this vibration as it begins to wrap around us and within us. I feel it already influencing my cells, my heart, my energy and all that is around me.

Did you ever simply gaze up at the stars and wonder? DO you ever simply gaze up at the stars and wonder? That awe, that magnificence, that no-words-are-quite-enough-to-describe-it wonder; that is the energy surrounding and embracing every part of you this month.

What are you going to do with it?

The very first thing to mention is that you don’t have to DO anything with it. It is a strong habit in most people who are looking to support an awakened, active connection that when we know that the stars are aligned for us we feel we have to DO something, to act, to make the most of it, to not waste the opportunity (does this sound familiar to you?). But that is not the way of the Cosmos. There is no cosmic law that says, ‘Hey you! Do more, do better, be more, be better’. Perhaps that is a near law in advertising and marketing (!), but that is not to be confused with the deeper laws of creation.

The Cosmos, in all of its immensity, doesn’t want you to do more or to be more. You exist. And that is a little piece of perfection.

This silver-blue energy chats to your cells, to all of your mind, those delicious waves of energetic information and communication that is unique to you, and it says... Peace. Shine. You are you, and that is perfect.

Have you ever considered a butterfly and thought, ‘That should look different’.

Or a willow tree and thought, ‘Not quite enough’

Or a hive of bees and thought ‘They are not important’

I suspect not. And yet, how often have you thought, ‘I should look different, I am not enough, I am not important’.

This way of thinking is one of the biggest fallacies of our western human collective thought, and it is an illusion. Every second of every minute you are connected into the delicious, wild wisdom of your energy systems; your systems of connection, of consciousness. You are always connected to the Cosmos in all of your beautiful uniqueness. Let the energy of this silver-blue month remind you of you. Of your worth, of your beauty, of your power as an essential part of creation.

This is a great month to make note of all of your qualities as you perceive them. Write a list of all of the things that you like about yourself, and if that is a bit too far away from where you are at the moment, then ask a trusted and wise friend to write a list of all the qualities they like about you. You can do the same for them. What a great gift to give and receive.

So often we spend time and energy trying so very hard to improve, to get rid of old patterns or ways of being that we forget to take stock of just how far we have come and just how wonderful we are. This month, give good attention to your qualities, for they are the gifts that you shine into the world, and the more you give them energy, consciousness, attention, the more they are able to shine.

In this way, you become a brilliant star, lit by the silver-blue, without having to do or be anything more than you already are. From this place of self love and connection you are able to light up not only your own energy field, but you affect all that is around you. Your light vibration travels in pulses through the great web of life, adding balance and health, travelling far and coming right back to you.

Beam it in and beam it out.

Wrap the energy around you.

This month, spread those new wings you have been so committed to finding, and discover that it is so easy to fly.

Physically, this month will support your heart energy. You won’t have to strive so hard to find balance or to connect to the quiet wisdom of your heart. In Chinese health philosophy, December is the month that is governed by the Heart as the great emperor or conductor of your whole energy system, and this silver-blue vibration will support it doing its multitude of jobs. If you have physical challenges with your heart organ, or with emotions of the heart, create time this month to listen deeply to the story of your heart. It is the communicator of your soul energy and as such guides all that you do and all that you are. It’s worth listening to!

In my main Energy Forecast video below, I lead you through gentle and deep ways to align the silver-blue vibration in all of its gifts with the vibration of your heartfield.

In my members-only Energy Forecast video that you can access by joining my membership channel I share a way of activating the light in every cell for your own health and vitality as well as those around you. (I recently had to use this technique in an emergency situation when my horse bolted in fear as I was riding her. I activated the light in my own energy field to surround us both and calm her so we could both be safe again - it is so great to have a tool kit of energy techniques in your everyday life!!).

I am going to leave you with one question. This month, if you had a handful of this silver-blue stardust and you could blow it towards any one person, one thing, one pathway, what would it be?

Where is the magic most needed? Where is your own magnificent light most needed?

With love to you at this special, heart time of your life.



I am so happy to let you know about my new Energy Forecast membership videos. As well as the regular Energy Forecast video you'll find within these Energy Forecast blogs and on my regular YouTube channel, I am also releasing a second video for my YouTube members that goes deeper into explaining more of the themes of the months and how you can align your own energy to help evolve your health and radiance.

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