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April 2023 Energy Forecast - Passion. Magic. Unveiling.

We have a fascinating energy surrounding and affecting us this month.

It is evolving from the thick blood red energy vibration that so influenced us in March, towards a bright and expansive crimson. This in itself is a beautiful and brightening shift where you can expect things to get easier, flowing and more richly connective in your daily life. AND, what makes this month really unusual is that there is another colour/energy emerging within the heart of the crimson colour, a rich and vibrant cobalt blue. This blue energy really excites me as it heralds the thread of mystery and magic that will be weaving forward in so many of our lives.

Remember that when you see colour you are seeing the visual representation of a vibration. So blue is simply a different energetic vibration to the energetic vibration that you see as red or green. All vibrations are energy, moving as waves and energy is simply encoded information. When it comes to these Energy Forecasts, my intention is to explain to you the energetic vibration that is around you this month, to help you understand the energy of the moment and align with its energy.

I want to empower you to:

  • Understand what is happening in your own energy systems.

  • Learn how your energy is being affected by the energy of the moment.

  • Make sense of what is occurring around you and within you.

  • Discover the right practice for you to meet the energy of the moment so that you can thrive. Every day of the year.

  • Share these insights and practices with your loved ones so they can also be peaceful, joyful and healthy.

You live in an ever-changing energy field. I know you have gone through times in your life when everything seems easy, and you can’t quite put your finger on why. Or times when suddenly you are struggling as challenge after challenge presents itself, and you can’t quite put your finger on why. This unexplainable shift is often due to an energy field that has settled into your own energy field and is profoundly affecting you.

What is this ever-changing energy field? I call it Cosmic Energy or the Cosmic Field. Every moon cycle carries a unique vibration created by the movement of all of the planets within the greater universal energy field that we exist within. This unique and specific energy affects you powerfully, ever-changing and ever-evolving.

Astrologers have been studying it, predicting it and sharing information about its effects for thousands of years. I see it.

Since I was born I have been able to see energy, the human energy field, animal energy fields, and cosmic energy fields. As each month progresses through the year, I watch the changing cosmic energy field coming into being and settling into the human energy field. It is fascinating to see how the cosmic energy shifts with each moon cycle (month) and brings these changes into your energy field. It happens at a powerful interface layer in your aura that is known as the Celestial layer. Once this cosmic energy meets the celestial layer in your aura, it gets brought deep into all of your energy systems and creates either supportive or challenging vibrations for you to work with in your daily life.

Sometimes this cosmic energy field feels gentle, sometimes it feels fierce, some are easy for the human energy field to resonate with and some push your energy fields to every edge you have. I love exploring and sharing these understandings with you so that you can make sense of what is happening in a big picture way in your own energy.

Each month, I release videos to share insights into what I’m seeing settling into the human energy field so that you can understand the energy of the moment, the energy that is surrounding you and profoundly affecting you at the energetic and subconscious level. In my videos I share energy exercises and practices that I’ve chosen that can most help support you as you meet the incredible opportunity that is always offered by the monthly energy patterns. You can use the practices yourself and also use them with your friends, colleagues, and children. Easy, powerful tools for you to not only live your fullest life but to share your immense light back into the cosmic field as we co-create a better world, together.

Right now, my team and I are changing the way I’m going to be presenting these Energy Forecasts.

Mostly because I want to engage with you even more, in fact, I need to. At the moment, I connect with the Cosmic Energy, understand it, write the blog and film the videos that we put into the world. And then……I know you pick them up and digest them and use them in your own way, but I don’t get to connect with you about it and that feels a bit sparse for me. It doesn’t quite feel like the exchange is right, or that it is making my soul sing. I want us to be learning together more and supporting each other more as we collectively move through each month.

So! We are going live.

Each month I’m going to be presenting the Energy Forecast live in The Gathering Ground, my membership space, which means we get to explore it together. I can lead you through the best practices for alignment, and explore and answer your questions. I am so excited to really be able to explore the monthly themes, needs and understandings together. I know that when we get to experience this exploration live together then I’ll be able to go into the cosmic energy field even more deeply to access information, and that really honours my own needs and journey with these Energy Forecasts too.

Also, it means that on The Gathering Ground, even the live Energy Forecast isn’t just a one off event, as we can use the forums in the membership space to support each other through the month and continue to bring consciousness to how the Cosmic Energy is really affecting, influencing, supporting and challenging us. Whoop Whoop!

And (of course!) the timing of this change is SO SO SO FITTING FOR THE ENERGY OF THIS MONTH!!! For it is rich with mystery and magic and my cells are tingling with what is coming in the next 30+ days.

You can think of April’s energy as a bridging and leaping month away from the deep intensity of the previous few months and into a new phase of support and enlivened potential.

April holds the potential of a great unveiling where you are able to find, access and understand the treasures in the work of the year so far (or maybe in the work of the last 10 years!) It feels like this sets a profound foundation for you to stand strongly on as the year progresses, and what a delight that is to be able to write!

The image I most see when I look at this crimson and cobalt energy is the unfolding of many many petals. BEAUTIFUL! I’m actually going to use that dominant image to guide you through a practice that I do very regularly and was shown to me by my guides to activate and harmonise the unfolding and enfolding of my entire energy field, just like a flower that opens and closes its petals in the light of the sun and the dark of the night. Such richness. I am laughing as I sit here writing in the magnificent mountains of the Rockies for the crimson and cobalt energy field (which as I write is still a little way off the human energy field) is collecting around and through me, making the magic in my own cells fizz with anticipation.

Key themes

  • The pulse of passion

  • Magic and mystery

  • Flow and connection

What it means for your body:

The tension and tightness of the February and March energy will begin to evolve beyond their rich but challenging gifts and all parts of your physicality will be able to let go. The space between your cells will be bigger, more expansive and your capacity to experience the creative energy field, hardwired into your template of health, will be so much more accessible. Expect to feel relaxed. Expect to sleep well. Expect to laugh easily.

Often, when we think of letting go, we think of struggle, tightness and resistance. This month, how about you bring your focus and attention to the possibility of loving yourself so strongly and brightly that anything that needs to can simply dissolve in the light of your own being? That is exactly what the cosmic energy field this month helps empower and enable.

What it means for your mind:

The interface of crimson and cobalt blue is dynamic, electric and alive with the weavings of mystery. This is a month where the magic of the universe will be moving around and within each of us, inviting, calling, reminding, singing its wonders to your soul and your cells. It will stir the passion that resides within.

Yep, you have a sweet and wild passion always present in your energy fields. Where is it living within you? How is it? How does it need nurturing, stirring or igniting?

In my Energy Forecast video this month, I share a practice that activates the capacity and the pulse of passion within your blood so that it can hold more energy and carry life force, information and nourishment throughout your entire body so you can live your life in power, light and joy.

What it means for your soul:

Wow. What does this month mean for your soul? I think I could write several pages on just that topic. Instead, I’ll get all excited with you in our live class! So, as an overview, the crimson and blue are going to bring a fiery, beautiful, steeliness coming in through your energetic core - the energy anatomy that houses your core soul.

You’ll remember in January I wrote that the big themes held in the cosmic field for 2023 are:

  • Wild Reconnection

  • Conscious Exploration, and

  • Sustained Focus

It looks to me like all three of them meet together this month. This is the time to commit to you. Your life. Your heart. Your passions. Your soul path.

I’m looking forward to being with you and sharing more about this month,

With love and gratitude to you, always,



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