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Earth Energies Rising - The Dance of Life

It feels to me that there are some very fundamental shifts occurring in the collective consciousness of our modern societies, and also in the Earth. Whether or not you give any weight to the predictions of so many of the indigenous cultures (that we are entering a time of extreme change, the death of one way of being and the creation of a new, more inspired and enlightened global human society), it is hard to ignore the fact that our world is shifting.

To look at the challenges we face - an out-moded economic situation based on a flawed premise of continued growth and expansion, the immense value placed on status and material goods, a disease-care medical model rather than a healthcare medical model, changes in our climate, an Earth scarred by perceived human need, threatened mass extinction of hundreds of species of our animal brothers and sisters as well as our plant and tree brothers and sisters… well, enough… I could go on of course, but these are all aspects of life you are familiar with. In fact, not only familiar with, but also likely overwhelmed and exhausted by, simply trying to get your head around how you can help facilitate the shifts needed to truly heal and bring back to balance all of these dysfunctional aspects of modern life.

I completely trust that, as a human species seeking balance and harmony with our environment, we can do it! And working with energy is a wonderful place to start. I deeply encourage everyone to spend a little time every day to give thanks and gratitude to this amazing sentient planet that holds us and houses us, feeds us and clothes us, nourishing our energy with her own.

Lynne McTaggart, (author of The Field, The Intention Experiment) has done an experiment with scientists from a US university and Dr. Masuro Emoto, to use intention to change the pH level of a polluted lake in Japan. The lake was acidic to the point that its marine life was severely compromised. In a group of 800 people, joined by others across the globe who had welcomed the chance to be part of the experiment to help Lake Biwa, these participants sent love and healing intention to the lake for 20 minutes. The pH level of the water was measured immediately prior to the timing of the intention and then immediately after. The results showed that the pH level had moved up by one whole point on the scale rendering the lake less acidic. I cite this example as inspiration that what you think / how you feel / how you intend the world to be really does make a difference. And yes, of course intention is magnified when you have 1000+ people all holding and sending the same intention, but each one of us are part of the millions and millions of people who are holding intention, trust and hope that our world is moving into more balance and health with each breath that we take.

Today, why don’t you choose a tree, a plant, a loved space in your garden, balcony or even an indoor plant, and simply sit with it and breathe a ‘Dance of Life’. You breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide; plants and trees breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. In other words, you breathe in what the trees exhale, they breathe in what you exhale… a timeless Dance of Life that is continually being played out in every cell in your body.

Consciously engaging in this Dance of Life is profoundly grounding, and I have yet to meet a person who does not experience a sense of gratitude during this exercise; gratitude to the plant/tree for nourishing you with breath, gratitude to your lungs for being the recipient of the breath, gratitude to all of your cells and all of creation.

When you remember that gratitude activates natural radiance in your body, you can understand how the Dance of Life opens you to health, vitality and joy.

With love,



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