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And the world whispers 'I love you'

You are beloved

Right now we are all in a mental health crisis. It is impossible not to be, even if you are doing a great job of holding your own resilience and your own joyous spirit close to you.

We are all in a mental health crisis because our society is, and above all, because we are social and collective beings, and when enough of us are struggling and hurting, then we all are struggling and hurting.

Perhaps you feel this hurt deep in your cells and carry a grief for the world and a longing for a better way of being.

Perhaps you feel this in your dreams and wake feeling heavy or discombobulated, distressed by the urgency of the whispers of the world.

Perhaps you feel this in the pain of confusion and denial when you walk past a displaced or homeless person.

Perhaps you feel this when you write your story and have it witnessed on powerful consciousness-raising campaigns such as #MeToo, #Blacklivesmatter #Everyonesinvited and so many more.

Perhaps you feel it when you read of modern slavery or ethnic genocide or any of the other thousands of living, everyday symptoms of the mental health crisis we are currently living within.

And when the weight of this current expressed form of reality crashes into you and cripples you, there will be one question that rises, hopeless and impotent; How can I possibly make a difference?

And yet you can. A huge difference. An essential difference. A difference in the way only you can, for you are unique and essential in this great web of life.

When I look at the human energy field, there is a huge difference when you have a sense of belonging to this great web of life as opposed to not belonging, of being separate, disconnected or simply walking through your life as an isolated human being.

What does it look like when you know you are essential and that you belong?:

  • Your entire energy system hums with more vitality and this lights you up. Your biophotons activate more strongly so you radiate more light and more joy

  • Your grounding systems deeply activate so that you can be more electromagnetically grounded. This means greater resilience, health, and connection with your soul path.

  • Your extraordinary channels fill your nadis to power your physicality so you have more strength, more coordination, more ease with daily life

  • Your auric membrane vibrates more quickly, deflecting ‘stuff’ that isn’t part of your connected cosmology. It is easier to align with energy that resonates with you so synchronicity and ‘awesome coincidences’ become more constant in your life. Dissonant or discordant energy impacts you far less so you are much less tired or drained. Your boundaries are more easy and flexible, you feel nourished and connected inside and out.

You belong. By knowing your energy and your consciousness are part of the great web of life you understand that everything you are and everything you do has the potential to bring healing, health, vitality and abundance; not just to yourself, but to all of creation. Every second of every day, you get to help create our reality. Each thought you have, each word you speak, each action you undertake; they all play their role in creating your life, our life, life itself.

You are beloved, in so many ways, and by so many. And perhaps you can immediately think of people who love you; friends, family, neighbours. Or perhaps you can’t. But our magnificent universe isn’t made only of people. From the moment of your conception, the energy of the universe recognised you as part of itself and claimed you as essential. The Earth beneath your feet recognises you as part of itself, as part of the family of life, of creativity, of vitality.

This cosmic energy, this life force, loves you. And in the same way stars love you, your deep ancestors love you, and the descendants you will never meet love you already (for after all, without you in their family tree of life, your descendants will never come into being).

If you read this and think, ‘that all sounds great but HOW????’, then there are a million answers and you already know so many of them. Here are five of my favourites.

  1. Discover the deep answer to the question ‘How do I nourish my soul today?’

  2. Learn three simple energy exercises to help you stay grounded and centred (my YouTube channel has over 200 for you to explore)

  3. Fall madly in love with a patch of nature and get curious about what it needs from you to be fully itself

  4. Dream what you wish for yourself and the world. Dream a bit bigger. And then dream bigger still. Everything holds potential, everything is possible and the dreaming realm or the Imaginal Realm is the potent interface between what we are currently experiencing and what we wish to bring into being.

  5. Intend to love your body more. No matter whether you have an easy ‘I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU’ relationship with your physical body, or whether you have a ‘I really don’t know how I got lumbered with this package, why don’t I look more like .........’ relationship with your body, intend to love it a little bit more. Take time each day to feel gratitude for the hands that are holding your cup of tea, or for your feet that are walking you through your day, or your heart that is whispering its longing through its rhythm, or your arms for hugging your beloved.

I am so honoured and DELIGHTED to be alive with you at this time when consciousness is leaping, and dots of understanding are being connected deeper and deeper into our psyches, our energy fields, our communities and our world.

Yes, we are in a mental health crisis AND we are so powerful to evolve the personal and collective healing to solve this crisis.

With love to you and your questing heart,



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