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Prune Harris Ltd. is an ethical and forward thinking, B Corp. certified business where we work hard to put our vision into practice in all of our relationships; between ourselves, with our customers and suppliers, with the wider communities we are all part of, and with the planet.

If you're interested in joining us, you'll find our current job opportunities below.

Current Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in joining Prune Harris Ltd.
At this time, we don't currently have any positions available. Please check back soon!

About Prune Harris Ltd.

Our vision is for every individual joyfully and powerfully to claim their rightful place in a balanced world. We produce courses, programs and events that aim to empower individuals to step into the fullness of their own lives. Find out more about Prune Harris here.


We are an ethical company and are B Corp. certified - find out more here

Prune Harris vision
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