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On this page you'll find a selection of energy techniques and exercises for your body, mind and spirit. If you love these videos, I have over 200 videos on my YouTube channel
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Coronavirus Videos - Get well. Stay well.
Powerful techniques to support you during the coronavirus pandemic

Having watched and personally experienced the way the virus affects the human energy field, I have created several different videos to support you during these challenging times. Each video shows a few simple and powerful energy techniques that I have put together to help you shift and balance your energy in the specific way that the title of the video suggests. Use them, share them, feel empowered and resilient, for that will help your immune system, your energy system, and your courage more than anything else.

Coronavirus videos for everyone

Coronavirus videos to use if you're ill 

Coronavirus videos to use if you're helping someone who has coronavirus

Everyday Essentials

Exercises to bring balance to your energy systems

Immune Activation Points

This energy and consciousness exercise targets your immune system to help activate it in its balance and strength.

Clear Head, Clear Vision

Use this exercise whenever you need more mental clarity. If you feel foggy in the head, or just don't remember why you walked into the kitchen and opened the cupboard(!) then this is the exercise for you.


Doing it regularly will not only clear your head and help you think more freely, but will re-pattern your energy fields so that you can access more and more of your mental agility.

Wings of Strength

This exercise is wonderful at giving you a boost in resiliency and strength.

You have the ability to be healthy, radiant and filled with vitality.

Get empowered through understanding your energy today.