These videos offer a taster of the exercises from Prune's ebook - Energy Essentials for Everyday Living, which covers 

common daily challenges, such as:


  • When fatigue hits

  • When you are feeling stressed

  • When you are struggling to focus

  • When you can’t sleep

As well as many more awesome topics!

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Clear head, clear vision


One of Prune's favourites!


Use this exercise whenever you need more mental clarity. If you feel foggy in the head, or just don't remember why you walked into the kitchen and opened the cupboard (!) then this is the exercise for you.


Doing it regularly will not only clear your head and help you think more freely, but will repattern your energy fields so that you can access more and more of your mental agility.

Wings of Strength


This exercise is wonderful at giving you a boost in resiliency and strength.


Join Prune to learn how to stay grounded and strong throughout your day and your life.

Immune Activation Points


This energy and consciousness exercise specifically targets your immune system to help activate it in its balance and strength.

Join Prune to learn how to do this simple, quick and powerful exercise.

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You have the ability to be healthy, radiant and filled with vitality.

Get empowered through understanding your energy today.

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