Alison Moncrieff - Director of Wayfinding

Alison is passionate about people. She has over 25 years experience in the business world having worked as a Board level executive and earlier as a consultant for various global businesses including Philips Electronics and PwC Consulting. She has worked across all parts of the value chain and across different industries including, manufacturing, banking and telecoms. Alison’s strengths are in developing leaders, managing high performing teams, facilitation and reducing complexity. Following her own personal experience with a serious illness she believes in supporting others to connect to their inner wisdom so that they can navigate their world with ease.

She now works in her own business as a coach and Eden Energy Medicine practitioner. Alison holds a BSc(hons) in Mathematics, Operational Research and Economics, She is a certified Co-Active Coach and a Clinical Practitioner in Eden Energy Medicine. She lives in The Netherlands with her family and enjoys live music, yoga and is busy furthering her study into energy work and shamanism. Alison is a big fan of Prune’s work and is really excited to be part of the team.


Collin Harker - Director

Primarily, Collin is Prune’s husband, and important in keeping balance in Prune’s home life!


An entrepreneur himself, and trained as an economist, Collin has done a lot of the behind the scenes work as Prune’s business has grown. He is still very involved, and especially enjoys when the work is filming videos in beautiful Cornish locations!


Dermot Rushe - Graphic Designer

Dermot has worked for over 20 years in publishing as a graphic designer and art director, gaining valuable experience on consumer and client magazines for some of the biggest publishing companies in the UK. He is responsible for the original design of Prune's website, her logo and all brand marketing material.


He is also the publisher, co-founder and art director of the independent health and food magazine, Walnut. He is currently freelance, working remotely from home for various clients and is always keen to work with creative people on exciting projects.

Dermot's a big music fan, and especially loves going to watch live music when possible, and in his free time Dermot can usually be found on the beach with friends and family, or the golf course! /


Emma Rushe - Creative Director

Before retraining, Emma spent many years working in the publishing world including national and regional newspapers, publishing agencies and small start-ups, giving her a keen eye for detail and a range of skills including editing, writing and marketing. 


Emma is a trained nutritionist and Energy Medicine practitioner with 10 years clinical experience. Emma no longer sees clients, but has co-created and writes for the independent health and food magazine, Walnut, which she runs with her husband Dermot. When not working with Prune, Emma regularly writes articles and develops recipes for Walnut and other publications and websites. Emma's personal passions include music, cooking, hanging out on the beach, walking with her friends and family, and yoga.

Emma is delighted to be part of the PH team supporting Prune's incredible work, and her responsibilities include communications, editorial and looking after the website.

Jen for website.jpg

Jennifer Archibald - Community Evolution Manager 

Jennifer Archibald’s passion is to empower herself and others by fully embracing our health, joy, and unique vibrancy. She has done this by being a student of how to nurture environments where both the individual and the collective can thrive. Jennifer first felt truly “at home” within herself through the discovery of energy work and embraced the journey of healing by becoming an Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner. Since 2005, she has actively been creating a colourful tapestry of interwoven experiences upon which she can explore and embody deep healing, connection, and shamanic work. She has been self-employed for close to 20 years offering energy work, group facilitation, and contracting as a marketing and communications coordinator. It is an honour to now support Prune and her team and share and connect this powerful work with individuals around the world.

Jennifer is ever so grateful to walk the paths of conscious parenting and partnering with her husband David who is currently on the threshold of becoming an EEMCP. They have two teenage daughters and share a soul-nourishing home space in Central Pennsylvania.


Nat Hunter - Culture & Vision Director

Nat initially worked as an interaction designer, running her own award winning digital design company, working with a wide range of clients from Virgin Atlantic to WeFarm. She gradually moved away from the commercial world after realising the power that design has to change the world, and started to use this power for positive social and environmental change. 


Having been involved in the direction and daily running of several other companies, she became curious about how the culture of organisations affects employee happiness and productivity, and subsequently retrained as a coach and systems coach. Her work now centres on exploring regenerative culture and how the restructuring of organisational culture can create environments which enhance individual wellbeing and focus, enabling teams and organisations to reach their maximum potential.

sarah minney.png

Sarah Minney - Marketing & Programme Manager

Sarah has recently finished a BA in Marketing at the University of Liverpool. She has previous experience in corporate events and marketing within the health and social care sector.


Sarah manages the marketing for Prune Harris Ltd and is able to use her creativity and experience to design the graphics featured on Prune’s social media accounts, as well as scheduling and managing the marketing of all courses and promotions. Sarah started working for Prune as a complete beginner to Energy Medicine, however over her first year of being part of the team she has loved introducing different energy techniques into her daily life.


Sarah’s personal interests include dancing, yoga, going for long walks and creating and cooking new recipes.