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Prune has helped thousands of people through one-to-one sessions, mentoring and courses - here's just a selection of the many messages of gratitude she receives...

"Prune, I find you to be an inspirational master and teacher! Anyone can learn and benefit so quickly in such a short time due to your expertise." Elle Cohen

"Grateful thanks for your inspired and careful handling of the workshop over past three days. It was truly a privilege to be there and to witness and share in all the energy movement and transformation which was happening in that sacred space. Thanks so much Prune." Tara Malyon.

"Prune is a gifted communicator who teaches with sensitivity, compassion and clarity. Apart from the teaching component, the course itself combines experiential work, ceremony and offers powerful affirmations and energy exercises to take away and use to ground and deepen the experience. This is a beautiful course and I almost wish that I hadn't completed it already so that I could experience it again! I would heartily recommend it." Fran Wardell

"I love prunes teaching style and always have since she arrived in UK many years ago. She encourages each student to have a unique voice, she listens with absolute presence and is pro-active in encouraging the energy of the group to lead the way within a shape that is honoured. Much work is done before our arrival to ensure the space is cleansed and protected and all the teachings held within a sacred space." Victoria Woodward 

"Thank you so much for yet another amazing and profound course, Prune. Amongst other things it gave me more challenging tools for self enquiry and that wonderful Light ceremony was the spiritual lead I’ve been searching for regarding earth healing." love, Celia Hinton

Prune is a consummate magical spirit, who amplifies your soul and enchants all who are engaged in her spectacular, brilliant lessons. Sylvie Cohen

"My time with Prune, Collin, and our group of adventurers on Orkney was life changing. I cannot tell you exactly in what ways this was so, because the ripples from that time continue to run through me even nine months later as I write this, and I expect will continue to do so. It wasn’t just the energy of these magical isles and the stars above them that has had such a deep impact on me and opened me to learning more about the north, it’s was the love and care that Prune and Collin put into planning this trip. Our accommodation was exceptional, from the level of comfort, to how abundantly Collin stocked the kitchens and then there was the setting, oh the beautiful setting and the many menus I grew so fond of and used to seeing when lunch and dinner approached. Five stars doesn’t suffice, I felt utterly spoilt, it was wonderful. We were privileged to visit sacred sites and landscapes which are now etched on my soul, and I sometimes long to return and be with spirit of that place again. Prune created an itinerary which showed us so much of the islands. This was a pilgrimage of the highest quality with connections to ancestors, nature, spirit, and with a group of people who have become so much more than friends to me. I feel blessed to have been a part of such a rich experience." Tim Bennett 

"Your teachings have really helped me to be very honest with myself as I turned inwardly and asked myself important questions. You also demonstrated your beautiful, loving and proficient way of giving an attentive and life changing treatment during the class. THANK YOU!" Cathy Åkesson

Thank you. And thank you for being you. I have been to a lot of workshops in my day and it is rare that I feel a sensation of true integrity coming from the person leading it. I don't feel any dissonance between what you say and what you do. That's an extraordinary quality! With love, Audrey D.

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