This summer, rediscover your passion for life and get ready for powerful transformation!

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Summertime, and the living is easy! Find out more about my Summer Energetics programme in this video

Every season has its own unique energy and this seasonal energy affects your human energy system in every way. It affects your emotions, your physicality and how you perceive and experience your life. Summer is a time to reignite your passions, your dreams and your creativity. It is a time to light the fire inside you and stoke it, for that fire will nurture your resilience and carry you all the way through the rest of the year.

Summer energy brings the gifts of abundance, spontaneity, passion and sensuality, plus the potential for immense heart, mind and soul expansion. We all want more of that! And you can have it - you just need to know how to align your energy system with this magnificent energy of summer because if you aren’t in resonance with it, if the energy of summer can’t meet your own energy fields in the way it is supposed to, then you can feel unsafe, ungrounded and wondering where your summer sparkle has gone

When you can’t quite meet the beautiful big spontaneous expansion and full blossoming of the energy that surrounds you, you can feel...

  • Overwhelmed by your to-do list and social engagements

  • Stressed out, tense and snappy

  • Exhausted from adrenal burnout and thyroid imbalance

  • Frustrated by interrupted sleep patterns 

  • Lonely and isolated

  • Like there is supposed to be more to life (you can’t quite put your finger on WHAT, but you have that sense that you aren’t quite living your fullest life)

I want to help you align with summer this year so you can live your big, beautiful, passionate life. Come on a summer journey with me and learn how to:

  • Rediscover your passion for life, your creativity and your spontaneity

  • Find the peace and joy of summer rather than overwhelm, stress and burn out

  • Nurture your physical heart, your emotional heart and wise sacred heart

  • FALL IN LOVE, with yourself, your dreams, and your unique and precious life

  • Stay grounded even in the height of the summer fire

  • Find your unwavering sense of belonging

  • Experience easy joy and abundance

Your commitment? Just 15 minutes a day for 31 days

For a whole month, we’ll be together every day as I offer you daily step by step support, tools, techniques and guidance, so you can easily and naturally reconnect to your summer joy, your energy, your peace and your balance. 

The details

Cost: £225 or two monthly payments of £112.50 (that's $276 or two monthly payments of $138).


What's included: 

31 daily videos 

Energy exercises

Energetic consciousness tools and techniques

Guided meditation

9 recorded webinars, including adrenal and thyroid health

1 bonus interview with me about my personal journey with the element of fire

Weekly nourishing nature lesson where I explore summer herbs and nutrition with Sara Weyland and Emma Rushe

Lifetime access to videos, meditation and webinars so you can listen whenever you want*

*Each year the Summer Energetics programme is paused temporarily from April to July to get ready for the month-long supported programme to begin. This allows us all to benefit from the special sense of shared community and belonging as we move through the course, co-creating the collective field together. You have unlimited access to the course at all other times. 

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"I am loving this course! I am already feeling more grounded and happier after week one. The exercises are easy to understand and to implement. The webinar was very informative and the exercises from that have been transforming. I feel like a new person and my energy feels stronger, like it did when I was a child. The information on herbs is a really great supplement to the course. Thank you Prune, for a wonderful experience.”

Love and gratitude

"At the end of this course I feel so much love, strength and gratitude to carry  through summer energy. I usually was exhausted and overwhelmed during summer but this summer I realize that I could change my energy, my attitude and enjoy the moment. Thank you Prune."

Fabulous course!!

"Prune has such a passion about her work which comes through making her teachings even more powerful. The course has given me some wonderful new amazing short daily techniques to use to improve my summer health. The Facebook forum is full of useful insights and tips which I keep dipping into. I feel really grounded, calm and more in control. I am eager to  carry on with the techniques which are an important part of my daily life now. Thank you."


"Joining the Summer Energetics course has been the best thing I have done in years. I love the format - daily short videos that I can fit in anytime during the day. The exercises have immediate amazing effect, I feel harmonised, balanced, content and grateful. Thank you for creating such a wonderful useful course."

I hope you'll join me and learn how to align with summer so you can live your big, beautiful, passionate life