Starting 5th July 2021

This summer, are you ready for powerful transformation? Do you have the courage to embrace the fullness of your life, to heal the old stories of your heart and step forward into your full, expansive joy? 

Your commitment?

Just 15 minutes a day for 31 days

Imagine if you could work with Prune every day for a whole month, allowing you to connect to your place of peace and balance with daily support and guidance so you know exactly what to do. 


Come on a journey with Prune and learn how to:

  • Bring greater healing to your physical heart, your emotional heart and wise sacred heart

  • Find the peace and joy of summer rather than overwhelm, summer stress and burn out

  • Bring healing and balance to your adrenal health

  • Stay grounded even in the height of the summer fire

  • Find your unwavering sense of belonging

  • Experience easy abundance

"You are as magnificent as the summer rose, the fields and hedgerows full of growth, the summer sun.


Do you feel that way? Do you know that the immense planet we call home offers EVERYTHING you need for sustenance, peace and joy. Do you truly know you are an ESSENTIAL part of life?


The ripples of summer spread out to touch your life, just as the ripples of your life spread out to touch all around you." Prune Harris

Whats included:

  • 31 daily videos from Prune

  • Energy exercises

  • Energetic consciousness tools and techniques

  • Guided meditation

  • 4 recorded webinars with Prune

  • Lifetime access to videos, meditation and recordings of webinars so you can listen whenever you want*

Summer rolls in on a warm wind and blossoms into the immense heart, mind and soul expansion possible during the mid-summer festivals. It brings the gifts of joy, love, connection, the warming heart flame, and sacred belonging. When we can align with the energy of summer, it offers easy abundance and deep peace.

And yet for many, summer can also be a rollercoaster ride of overactivity, overwhelm, burn out, exhaustion, insomnia, and the feelings of isolation or loneliness. When you can’t quite meet the spontaneous expansion and full blossoming of the energy that surrounds you, you can feel unsafe, ungrounded and wondering where your peace and joy has gone.

Join Prune for her Summer Energetics programme to learn how to align your energy with the profound and joyous energy available during the summer months.

*Each year the Summer Energetics programme is paused temporarily from April to July to get ready for the month-long supported programme to begin. This allows us all to benefit from the special sense of shared community and belonging as we move through the course, co-creating the collective field together. You have unlimited access to the course at all other times. 


I am loving this course!  I am already feeling more grounded and happier after week one.  The exercises are easy to understand and to implement.  The webinar was very informative and the exercises from that have been transforming. I feel like a new person and my energy feels stronger, like it did when I was a child. The information on herbs is a really great supplement to the course. Thank you Prune, for a wonderful experience.

Love and gratitude

At the end of this course I feel so much love, strength and gratitude to carry  through summer energy. I usually was exhausted and overwhelmed during summer but this summer I realize that I could change my energy, my attitude and enjoy the moment. Thank you Prune.

Really fabulous course!!

Prune has such a passion about her work which comes through making her teachings even more powerful. The course has given me some wonderful new amazing short daily techniques to use to improve my summer health. The Facebook forum is full of useful insights and tips which I keep dipping into. I feel really grounded, calm and more in control. I am eager to  carry on with the techniques which are an important part of my daily life now. Thank you.


Joining the Summer Energetics course has been the best thing I have done in years. I love the format - daily short videos that I can fit in anytime during the day. The exercises have immediate amazing effect, I feel harmonised, balanced, content and grateful. Thank you for creating such a wonderful useful course.