Imagine if you could work with Prune every day for a whole month, allowing you to connect to your place of peace and balance with daily support and guidance so you know exactly what to do. 

Come on a journey with Prune and learn how to:

  • Drop limiting patterns  

  • Generate more energy and vitality

  • Improve your health

  • See, feel and know the transformation in your own energy and vitality






Whats included:

  • 30 daily videos from Prune

  • Energy exercises

  • Energetic consciousness tools and techniques

  • Guided meditation

  • 2 x recorded webinars with Prune

  • Lifetime access to videos, meditation and recordings of webinars so you can listen to any of the recordings whenever you want.

This is an invitation to feel fabulous and put some Spring in your step! The energy of spring is powerful and radiant. Each and every one of you can access this radiance when you align your own energy to its vibration. I've designed this course to help you easily and joyfully align with spring to step into your full radiance and vitality.

You are a magnificent human being. It is your birthright to feel joyous, healthy, vibrant and energised.

If you don't, and you need help to get there, then join me. I'm excited!

Cost £195 - buy Spring Energetics or sign in to your account here

"I have never liked spring. I haven't felt well physically, mentally and especially emotionally in the past. 

This year, I had a truly wonderful experience! 

Thank you, Prune! This class completely

changed my experience of Spring!" A.B.

Your commitment?  Just 15 minutes a day for 30 days.