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30 days with me to deeply connect with the magic and potential of spring energy

The energy of spring is powerful and radiant, can you feel it?

Spring energy calls your every cell, your every energy system to wake up, welcome new energy and drop old patterns so you can embrace all that life has to offer, and each and every one of you can work with this spring energy to access your own power, radiance and vitality - and it's easy!

And if you are wondering whether you have a right to feel strong, radiant and healthy during this time of uncertainty and challenge, there is one simple answer. YES. Whatever it is that you are currently focusing on right now, you can use spring energy to nourish and support you even more.


Being aligned with the energy of spring has a profound impact on your health, your vitality, and your ability to connect into really living your life purpose.


Come on a journey with me this spring to...

  • Release old patterns that are holding you back

  • Move beyond the situations that you always get stuck in

  • Transform your health and boost your energy levels

  • Nurture your dreams and goals as you move through the year

  • Release your innate radiance and joy

  • Connect deeply with the magic and potential of spring energy

You are a magnificent human being. It is your birthright to feel joyous, healthy, vibrant and energised. If you don't, and you need help to get there, then join me. I'm excited!

Your commitment?  Just 15 minutes a day for 30 days

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Wonderful spring!

"I have never liked spring. I haven’t felt well physically, mentally and especially emotionally in the past. This year, I had a truly wonderful experience of spring! Thank you, Prune! This class completely changed my experience of spring!” AB

Feeling rather joyful

"The programme's short and sweet exercises, delivered with such kindness and deep wisdom, brighten the days and weeks for me. And some exercises had such a strong effect that I was literally nearly bowled over. I am so grateful for the opportunity to repeat the course, and thankful to Prune and everyone involved for their generosity and vision in this and so much more." LP

A rebirth in awareness

"Spring is a time of rebirth and I truly feel I have had a rebirth in awareness.  My senses have been opened to the radiance of Spring through Prune’s words, meditations and exercises. One of the best programs I have taken.  Can’t wait for the next season!" ML

Highly recommended

"The Spring Programme showed me how, by using simple and quick exercises and being more conscious of the changing energy, I can really tune into and make the most of the wonderful gifts that spring brings. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to connect more fully to themselves and the energy around them." ER

The details


£225 - or you can spread the cost over two monthly payments.


What's included: 

30 daily videos - step by step understandings, energy exercises, tools and techniques to invite transformation and radiance at your deepest level of being

Guided full moon meditation - a beautiful guided meditation to enhance your ability to connect into spring energy​

Weekly nourishing nature lessonwhere I am joined by a nutritionist and herbalist as we explore the many benefits of spring herbs

Lifetime access - come back to enjoy the course content whenever you want for the lifetime of the course PLUS each winter you benefit from being part of the supported programme* 

8 recorded webinars - to help you fully align to spring energy, covering topics such as spring ceremony, liver health and much more.

*Each year the Spring Energetics programme is paused temporarily from January to April to get ready for the month-long supported programme to begin each year, which, as a course participant, you will always have access to. This allows us all to benefit from the special sense of shared community and belonging as we move through the course, co-creating the collective field together. You have unlimited access to the course at all other times.