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The sign up window for The Radiant Soul Programme 2023 has now closed.

Did you know we are hardwired to be healthy, joyful, and abundant?

We are all born with an energetic template of health. This template holds vitality, connectivity, joy, and radiance and every single one of us has this template in our energy fields.


This means that your body, your energy, your soul KNOWS how to be healthy, vibrant, joyful, expansive, and abundant. 

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The Radiant Soul Programme

The Radiant Soul Programme

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As part of my Radiant Soul Programme, I will be sharing practices, and techniques that you can use every day to move you out of the habitual and reactive energy field of fight, flight, freeze and into the creative and responsive energy field that invites the potential of expansion, connectivity, and joy.


When you are playing out old energetic patterns that keep you locked in the sympathetic nervous system strategy of fight, flight and freeze, this can show up:


  • At the physical level as a chronic illness such as heart disease, cancer or arthritis, or it could present as persistent and niggly health challenges such as headaches or hormonal imbalances

  • On the level of the mind, energy imbalances can present as anxiety, depression, or a lack of confidence in yourself . 


  • And at the level of the soul, energy imbalances can show up as a feeling of disempowerment, disheartenment about your life and uncertainty about what you are here to do in your life as the amazing human that you are. 


Understanding your energy means understanding how to make the small shifts that can align your whole body system so you are able to access more health and vitality and experience the fullness and big potential of being you.

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The Radiant Soul Programme - Starts 23rd May!

During this six week programme we will be exploring essential understandings about four aspects of your energy anatomy that are intimately connected:

Your Vagus Nerve 

Your Energetic Core 

Your Vital Vessel and 

Your Assemblage Point

These four aspects together make up the Sacred Axis of your Soul path, and through bringing them into connectivity, you can align your deepest energy systems to activate the pathways between your conscious and your subconscious. With these bridges in place, you are able to unlock and release patterns and habits that are old and no longer serving you, and activate the coding held in your energy fields for health, harmony and vitality.

What's included


6 Week Online Programme
The Radiant Soul Programme is taught over 6 weeks, including a week of integration and reflection.

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Course Handouts
 Each stage of the course includes a full-colour online handout with beautiful energy anatomy images to support and enhance your learning.

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5 Live Online Classes

Over 7.5 hours of live classes, with myself and my faculty to support your learning journey.

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Online Community Support
3 months free access to my community platform The Gathering Ground, where you will be supported by my faculty team and other course members.


Classes & Practices
25 pre-recorded classes and practice videos all easily accessible through my course platform that you can use (and re-use) whenever suits you.


Access for a Year
The programme and its content are yours to enjoy for a full year, after the programme finishes to come back to again and again.

Course Curriculum


Part One - Your Radiant Energy Anatomy

The exploration of your Radiant Soul energy begins by being deeply grounded in understanding your energy anatomy, with a special focus on the systems that are key in you being able to align the energy of your body, mind and soul. 

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Part Three - Energise Your Vital Vessel

The Vital Vessel is one of the most profound energies in your entire system. It activates your soul energy forward into your daily life and empowers radiant healing through your whole body system. In Part 3 you experience how to support and activate your Vital Vessel. 

Image by Zoltan Tasi

Part Five - A Week of Sacred Reflection & Active Integration

This programme is designed to support peaceful transformation in your life. Sacred reflection and active integration allows your energy, on all levels of the body, mind and soul, to weave and harmonise your learnings so far to empower this transformation into your daily life. You are able to move your inspiration into action.


Part Seven - Illuminate Your Assemblage Point

Your Assemblage Point is the part of your energy anatomy that illuminates every part of your life. With the Sacred Axis of your Soul Path in place, you are ready to learn how to support your Assemblage Point so you can experience trust and vitality as you walk your unique and sacred pathway through your life.

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Part Two - Enliven Your Vagus Nerve

Your Vagus Nerve holds the electrical coding that allows your nervous system to thrive, to connect and to enable you to experience your fullest life. In Part Two you learn profound understandings to empower the health and vitality of your Vagus Nerve. 


Part Four - Activate Your Energetic Core

The deepest part of your energy resides in your Energetic Core. It connects you into the world around you, so you can bring forward your life purpose with clarity and ease. In Part 4 you learn how to activate it so you can experience more confidence and your essential sense of belonging. 

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Part Six - Your Soul Path and the Sacred Axis

With your learnings in place and being embodied in your energy system, you deepen your understandings of the role that your Vagus Nerve, Vital Vessel and Energetic Core play in holding the Sacred Axis of your Radiant Soul Path. In Part 6 you discover ways to enliven the connectivity of this Sacred Axis to feel it strong and resilient in your daily life.



Powerful journey

I am so grateful for this powerful journey. An invitation to connect with our soul and follow its wisdom, and the possibility to remain in contact with the light despite the surrounding darkness. Prune, you radiate so much light that it is contagious.


Highly recommended

Prune has the most effortless way of teaching that calls my soul to life from its depths. The exercises taught in this class have a very powerful effect. I highly recommend this class and cannot wait for the next class!  

Thank you, Prune!


Forever grateful

Prune ALWAYS delivers. I do not have words to express my gratitude. Her work is life transforming and healing in so many deep and lasting ways; I am already having glimpses of who I actually am in this life time. Thank you from my heart.


Just what I needed...

I am so glad I have ongoing access to this class. It seems to me I could watch it a hundred times and still gain new learnings and insights into my energetic body, my life’s journey and my Soul purpose!  Thank you!


My purpose for teaching this class is to help you move forward feeling:

A greater sense of joy and belonging

Inspired and hopeful; about your health, your life, your future


Connected to your deeper ways of knowing and wisdom


Emotionally stable and resilient so you can meet and move through the challenges of your life with ease


Clear-headed and connected to your goals and dreams


Reassured that as you walk forward in your life, you are doing so along your soul path


More connected to yourself, your loved ones and all of creation


Ready to make a deep and powerful commitment to yourself

Questions and Answers about The Radiant Soul Programme

Q: When does it start and finish?

A: We begin on Tuesday May 23rd, 2023 and finish programme on Tuesday June 27th, 2023.

Q: Can I cancel if I change my mind?

A: Prior to the start of the Radiant Soul Programme and until June 2nd 2023 we offer a full refund less a $50 USD administration fee. Cancellation requests should be emailed to Refunds will be issued to the original form of payment (and currency). No refunds will be issued after June 2nd 2023. Please note that any currency fluctuations that occur between the time of payment and the refund cannot be compensated for.

Q: How long will I have access to the course for after it finishes?

A: The programme and its content are yours to enjoy for a full year after it finishes - until 28th June 2024. That includes video recordings and audio files, transcripts and the course book. All of these are also downloadable for you to keep after the year's access has ended.

Q: How long will I have access to the course community group for after the course finishes?

A: You will have access ​to the course community group within my Gathering Ground membership space until 9th August 2023. Once you have signed up to the programme, you will find full instructions for signing up to the course community group within the course platform. 

Q: What will I do to participate in the course?

A: Every week you’ll log in to our online learning platform to enjoy a selection of activities including video lessons, live classes, practical exercises, course book reading, practice sessions and Q&A community support.

Q: What if I’m in a different timezone and can’t attend the live sessions?

A: No problem at all… While we welcome you to attend live if you're able to do so, you will also have access to the complete recordings of all live classes and practice sessions - so you can get the sleep and rest you need without missing anything!

Q: Is this course going to be valuable and meaningful for me if I've been working with Prune for a long time, or if I am an energy medicine student or practitioner?

A: This is a course I’ve created for everyone. Whether you have some energy awareness or none at all, it doesn’t matter. No matter what you’ve trained in, this course is designed to release the wisdom within you, and you’ll be able to meet the course exactly where you’re at and bring its gifts into your life.

Q: Do you offer scholarship places on Alchemy of Intuition? 

A: Prune Harris Ltd. is committed to supporting our community as part of our responsibility to people and our planet. Our wish is for profound transformation to be accessible to all, no matter their situation. To enable this, we offer 10% of places on our online courses for free or at reduced rates.


Please Note:

  • This form for The Radiant Soul Programme 2023 scholarship places will open on Tuesday, 9th May and close Monday, 15th May.

  • We will not be able to accept applications past this window.

  • We will respond to all applicants by email by the end of the day, Friday 19th May. The course begins on Tuesday, 23rd May.

Q: Can I spread out the payment? 

A: Yes, we have a payment plan in place to make this course as accessible as possible for everyone.


Q: Can I book an appointment for a one-to-one session with Prune?

A: Prune no longer sees clients one-to-one and instead focuses her time on teaching. 

Q: How can I reach customer support?

A: If you are unable to find answers to your questions here, send an email to

The sign up window for The Radiant Soul Programme 2023 has now closed.

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