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I’m so glad that you are here!
I’ve taught thousands of students how to effectively use energy medicine understandings, both in my own energy medicine, perception and consciousness classes and as part of Donna Eden’s core faculty. I wanted to keep a place on my website (and in my heart) for all of you who are students or practitioners of Energy Medicine. 
For those of you trained in a different form of holistic healthcare, then please be aware that some of the free and paid for resources accessible from this page may only be relevant to EEM/EEP practitioners and students, simply because within the material I assume a level of familiarity with EEM teaching and protocol. If you aren’t EEM trained you can still read or watch the videos but you might not get the full value from them. 
So, what are the Practitioner Resources? 
Firstly you can access my Clinical Skills Series, featuring 21 hour-long videos of me working with a client around a specific clinical theme in which I explain effective ways to bring the greatest healing for that client around their presenting issues. I also provide an in-depth article exploring the energetic understandings and clinical applications regarding the specified topic. To find out more and access this resource, click here.
You'll also find free articles that are specific to clinical methodology and practitioner webinars on pertinent topics. I will be adding more practitioner webinars as we progress together. To access this free content, first you need to register by clicking the link below and filling out the form. If you've already registered, you can access the articles using your password.
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