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YES to life

One of the fascinating things about seeing energy is watching the way that, at times, there are huge energetic shifts in the field of supraconsciousness, or collective consciousness. When this happens the vibration of what we call ‘reality’ shifts, melds, moves and emerges differently than before.

The energy field of collective consciousness is a vibrational energy field that is continually informing you, AND you are continually informing it. This in-formation sharing occurs through many parts of your human energy system, especially the Energetic Core and your Assemblage Point that I have recently been writing about in my newsletters and blogs.

The last time the collective consciousness field took a large leap in vibration was in the late 1980s and early 1990s; a huge shift that toppled dictatorships, brought down the Berlin Wall and freed Nelson Mandela. And I’ve been watching it building since 2012, getting stronger and more insistent, asking us to wake up a little more, to step up a little more. To embody our soul’s wisdom and say yes to the emerging world. When there is a huge collective consciousness shift, everything is unstable and uncertain as we leap together into unknown experiences of collective agreement.

As we continue to witness the situation in the Ukraine, we are all asking questions and challenging old assumptions. Literally, our reality is changing. Together, right now, we are rewriting a new story, weaving a new thread in the evolution of humanity and its emerging future.

And the new story that is emerging goes like this;


No to violence.

No to greed.

No to acquisition.

No to abuse.

No to old paradigms of power.

No to ‘girls being girls’ and ‘boys being boys’.

No to inequality.

No to corruption.

No to being blind to the consequences of our actions.

No to ‘mine, mine, mine’.

No to robbing life


Yes to understanding.

Yes to interconnectivity.

Yes to love.

Yes to harmony.

Yes to balance.

Yes to health.

Yes to equality.

Yes to peace.

Yes to curiosity.

Yes to compassion.

Yes to creativity.

Yes to courage to create the new ways of being.

Yes to life

With love to you and your courageous heart,



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