What does the Daily Energy Routine do for you?

Often in my blogs I cite Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine as a foundational starting point for beginning to evolve your energy systems towards patterns of full health and vitality.

Donna’s great book, ‘Energy Medicine’, explains the Daily Energy in several chapters.

In this blog, I thought it would be useful to summarise why the Daily Energy Routine is so transformative. We are a living, pulsing, highly co-ordinated electrical and electromagnetic organism. Scientists such as Bruce Lipton, Candace Pert, William Bengston, James Oschman and Rupert Sheldrake (to name just a few) are bringing understandings that our whole-body system is not governed by the brain as was the primary thesis in the 50s, or by our genes, as was the primary thesis of the previous 30 years. Rather we are held, nurtured and developed through a greater energy field.

The energy systems that make up this greater energy field are subtle, electromagnetic and electric, and are what in Consciousness Energetics I refer to as the ‘whole-body system’. David Feinstein has written a quite brilliant article on the 6 Pillars of Energy Medicine and if you haven’t read it then I highly recommend that you do, for helping yourself become deeply familiar with the terminology and  premise of the energetic paradigm. His article can be found here.

We have been so steeped in the terminology and precepts of the biomedical paradigm that there is much about the energy paradigm that can seem hugely woo-woo! But it is grounded in ancient understandings, science and practice-based evidence. So, the basic principle of the energy paradigm is that our energy moves in patterns of optimum health and vitality. When we are tired, stressed, or in danger, our energy patterns move into patterns of survival or maintenance. Such patterns can either prime us for fight/flight or freeze, or they can make us tired, clumsy or forgetful. This then slows us down, inviting sleep. During the sleep time when much of the active functioning of the body (sight, movement etc) is slowed down, the energetic patterns are able to find their balance back into the template of optimum health and vitality.

What can really mess with these instinctive patterns of optimum health and vitality is sustained stress, threat or tiredness, because we simply don’t have the energy/time/space in our lives to recharge. Thus, the patterns that are trying to respond to stress or tiredness become more and more entrenched in our systems until these patterns have become patterns of imbalance. Over a period of time, such patterns can result in ill-health.

The Daily Energy Routine affects much within your energy systems. Doing it regularly begins to establish new patterns of health, and supports those that are already in their effective and healthy patterns. It provides a vast foundation for all of your health and well-being to improve. You can watch the Daily Energy Routine on my Youtube channel - click here to do the Daily Energy Routine with me.

Specifically, the Daily Energy Routine helps;

  • Grounding (Hook Up, Connecting Heaven and Earth, Celtic Weave, Four Thumps)

  • Cross-over pattern in your whole-body system (Homolateral Cross Over, Wayne Cook, Celtic Weave)

  • Neurological processing (Wayne Cook, Homolateral Cross Over, Crown Pull, Hook Up, Zip up, Neurolymphatic reflex massage)

  • Increase oxygen (Freeing the Diaphragm, Crown Pull)

  • Eyesight (Four Thumps, Connecting heaven and earth)

  • Sense of safety (Zip up, Hook up, Celtic Weave, Four thumps)

  • Metabolism (Four thumps, Connecting heaven and earth)

  • Connectivity with self and others (Four thumps, Zip Up, Hook Up, Celtic Weave)

  • Relieving stress (Crown Pull, Freeing the Diaphragm, Hook up, Celtic Weave)

  • Recovery from ill health or disease (Homolateral repatterning, Celtic Weave, Connecting Heaven and Earth, Four thumps)

The Daily Energy Routine takes less than 10 minutes and can transform your life. The energetic paradigm does not have to be a mystery to any of us, it is tangible, effective and empowering.

Enjoy! With love, Prune


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