Life Colour Readings

Life Colour Readings

60 minute session: £150

Near the outer edge of the aura, just before the auric membrane, each of us have an energetic vibration that is unique to us; our Life Colour.

An individual’s life colour never changes. Coming from the energetic core, this vibration is the story of our soul, replete with the strengths, the challenges and the needs that we are here to express. The Life Colour determines much of what we bring to our life and will show up in our choice of relationships, jobs, hobbies, and passions. It is instrumental in most of our mistakes as well as our achievements.

It is possible to have one, two or three different colours making up the specific blend that is your unique vibration. Knowing of your Life Colour and its corresponding understandings can deeply empower you to connect into your soul path with more grace and ease. Able to see energy since birth, and having a specific calling to work with Essential or Soul energy, Prune will share with you the themes and expressions of your Life Colour, and help create a plan for working to express the beauty of your Life Colour in its most balanced aspect.

Other relevant information:

Self-care: Prune will share information on exercises or other self-care technique that are most suited to your life-colour.

Recording:  The session is recorded for you to be able to review the information as you need.

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