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The Impact of Screens

Growing up as a child and youth in this modern era is an amazing, dynamic and stimulating time of daily technological advancements that are uploaded to devices ever attached to our fingertips. It can also be inherently stressful, with no or little time or space for more traditional ways of interacting with friends, nature or the broader social community.

When my son was a teenager, there were days when, if allowed, he would sit in our living room, playing computer games with five or more of his friends, while each were firmly ensconced in their own living rooms.  All their communication was being done via either a headset or the type pad.  The constant thrum of social cyber living occurs in most rooms of most houses, as gaming consoles, computers, smart TVs and mobile devices provide entertainment, social networking, chat time, news, information, shopping and many other ‘needs’.

Bruce Lipton reminds us that the average child has access to more information in their backpack than was ever available to Maggie Thatcher or Ronald Reagan! We live in a very different world of information than ever before. And while there are huge pluses to this, there are also huge downsides.

Energetically we evolved at time when our greatest stresses were drought, famine and the sabre-toothed tiger. Occasionally there was a threat from a neighbouring clan. These were all very quantifiable stresses, and usually quite rare. We faced them as a social community and created solutions and survival strategies. I have already written a blog post on the general way in which our energy systems are having to learn how to redefine or evolve beyond the traditional concept of threat and danger, but in this article I want to concentrate on the ways in which we all, and especially our children, can work with energy techniques to help with both the insidious and overt stresses of our technological age.

I have plenty of opportunity to observe children. I grew up in a home of six children and an open door, and although I have only two children there has always been a constant stream of other children coming and going through our house with sleepovers, playtimes, visits and regular drop ins. I know for some parents that isn’t their ideal situation, but I love it. And there are a few things that I notice as I see children’s energy before, during and after interacting with screens (tablets, phones, consoles, television).

The organisation of the energy fields before screen interaction and after screen interaction are significantly different.

  • Up until about 60-90 minutes of screen time, the extent of post-screen disorganisation depends on the extent of pre-screen organisation.

  • No-one is unaffected by being on screens, no matter how organised their energy fields or how short a time they are on the screen.

  • Games that involve adrenaline (fighting/racing/shooting/being chased etc.) have a more immediate and greater effect on the organisation of the energy systems than those that do not produce adrenaline.  

  • It also takes longer to correct or re-organise their systems.

Some children (and adults) have more sensitive energy systems and as such are more affected by the energy fields of electrical devices. So, as ever with energy techniques, the good news is that you can do something about this! It doesn’t mean ban your children from being on screens, or give up your job because it involves being in front of a computer. Rather, learn how to keep your energy systems balanced so that you and they are more resilient to interacting with screens, and know what to do after using screens in order to minimise the negative effect and to evolve the energy systems into full health, resiliency and vitality.

What happens when you sit in front of a screen for longer than your energy systems can hold? At first the aura reaches out to the screen, assessing it and interacting with it. If you are reading information (such as a cooking recipe) then this interaction minimises as your aura recognises that it has an electrical and electromagnetic energy, but isn’t sentient. The energy from the screen can still freeze your electrical energy around your eyes but often just moving away from the screen and moving through your daily life (in this case making the recipe that you have just looked up), your energy fields will adjust themselves back to coherence. This is much more likely if you are in a good place of organisation and resiliency in the first place.

If the screen interaction is a game, music video, YouTube video etc. then the aura continues to interact with it in a much more dynamic way. After a while, this begins to drain the aura until it is thin and holey in front of the trunk and face, and often detaches.

Meanwhile, the cross-over patterns in the body increasingly become more and more homolateral, the ability to process neurologically becomes compromised and after a while, the ability to stay grounded or with the correct polarity also becomes problematic. Time after time, I see a child with a dynamic, vibrant, connected energy system, sink and sink when involved with a screen until they look like someone who is managing a chronic illness.  

Without energy techniques, the patterns do eventually rebuild, taking anything from 30 minutes to a few hours, but meanwhile you are managing a child who is feeling dreadful. This can show up as them being hyperactive, restless, exhausted, moody. Does any of this sound familiar? And how about if you think about yourself, at the end of day on a computer?

So, what can you do about it?

If you want to learn more about how to protect and optimise your energy systems before, during and after interacting with screens, you can explore my series of three online classes about staying healthy and safe while socialising, working or interacting with screens, the first of which is free.

You can also check out another of my online classes, called EMFs, 5G & You, where I talk in detail about about how EMFs affect your energy system, plus sharing powerful ways to step away from feeling fearful and to clear the effects of EMFs from your energy field to reboot your resilience and transform your daily life.

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