Essential Energy Guidance with Prune

A unique insight into your energy system - two hour session £300.

During your Essential Energy Guidance Session, Prune uses her gifts of psychic connection and clairvoyance to give you deeper understandings of the energy of your essence.

It is this essential energy, from our energetic core or basic grid, that determines much of how we experience life. Whether we are flowing with ease and joy, or working with illness and disease, by connecting into our essential energy we are able to move more gracefully through the life we were born to experience. At times when it feels our life no longer has the array of choices we desire, connecting back into our essential energy allows the rejuvenation of hope, joy and personal power.

Within the session Prune will concentrate on three specific aspects of your essential energy:

Life Colour: She will explain your life colour and its meanings, the inherent strengths that you have been gifted as well as the lessons that you have come to master.

Primary Rhythms: She explores the specific combination of your primary elements and how they create a rhythm that you can either thrive within or struggle against.

Timeline: It is also possible for Prune to examine your energetic timeline for incidents or experiences that shaped your essential energy, either bringing attention to the gifts of the experience or the ways in which they still need to be transmuted. Often an experience that touches our essential energy (our energetic core or basic grid) imposes limitations that can become our deepest challenge.

In the Essential Energy Guidance session Prune is able to connect you into the knowledge of these experiences, helping  you evolve away from patterns of limitation towards patterns of expansion.

You'll come away with:

Self-care: Prune will provide guidance as to how to best follow up on the information that comes forward during the session.

Recording:  The session is recorded for you to be able to review the information as you need.

Essential Energy Guidance sessions are stand-alone sessions and do not need to be repeated. Very occasionally a second session can be beneficial to further track an aspect of your timeline.

For more information and to schedule an Essential Energy Guidance session contact

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