Energy Medicine for Pregnancy

A few of my beloved students are pregnant at the moment and so I decided to write a series of blogs on how energy medicine and consciousness energetic approaches can help during those wonderful, challenging, intense nine months.

It is a topic close to my heart, having trained as a pre-natal educator, a breast feeding councillor, spent 2 years working with home births as an apprentice midwife in the highlands of Nova Scotia , Canada, and then several more years as a doula at the local hospital.

I love the vastness of the process of pregnancy and birth, it is sacred, powerful and beautiful. At the same time, for many parents, it is a time of confusion, conflicting emotions and advice, physical challenges and overwhelm. The purpose of these articles is to help parents navigate through the months before, during and after the birth of the baby, using energy medicine to be balanced, healthy and empowered. I will also write a separate article for practitioners who are working with EM.

For many women, the first that they know of their pregnancy is either when they realise that they haven’t had their monthly bleed, or they start getting hit with waves of nausea. Being pregnant brings immediate hormonal, chemical and physiological changes in a woman’s body, and these in turn bring about marked emotional and cognitional changes. Oftentimes, tiredness and nausea are present during the first few months of pregnancy as much of the body's resources are given to the creation and nourishing of the developing foetus. At this time it is of vital importance that the woman daily nourishes her own energy in order to be able to give all of that necessary life-force to the baby.

Be grounded and hydrated

Be grounded and hydrated. I know, I know, so many of my blogs stress this as important, and that is for the very very simple reason that it is! There really is nothing as important in our energy system as our ability to be grounded. When we are, we are continually bringing in the electrons that blanket the earth and provide our life-energy or vital-force. These in turn, enable our electrical and magnetic fields to operate at their optimum, as long as our cells are well hydrated. So, for me, hydration and grounding go together as one concept. It is almost impossible to be well grounded without being hydrated.

So, if you are someone who struggles with grounding or if you aren’t sure, then regularly do simple techniques like Connecting heaven and Earth, or Spooning the Feet.

If you struggle to drink enough water then fill a litre water bottle and commit to drinking it by lunchtime. Once you have done that, fill another and commit to drinking it before bedtime. Quite quickly, your body will become used to being well hydrated and you will really notice if you begin to dehydrate, feeling more tired, befuddled, and listless. Using a water bottle is a great visual prompt as you can see how well you are doing and how much more you still have to drink in your allocated time. During pregnancy, a woman’s blood volume increases by 50%. Blood  is 92% water, and carries oxygen to all the cells of the body, in fact, to both the body of the baby and the mum’s body. Good hydration is vital.

We will continue to explore energetic understandings for pregnancy next time by exploring how to nourish the yin energies of the body.

With love, Prune


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