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October Energy Forecast 2021 - Breakdown or breakthrough? Your choice

How are you feeling? I really want to know.

September’s gentle citrine vibration offered ease and expansion, and that was true for most of the month, yet the full moon energy came in with a heavy crash and the Equinox brought intensity rather than ease. It was a surprise to me, as I hadn’t seen that riding behind the citrine, so I apologise for not preparing you for that thick, deep dreaming energy when I wrote my energy forecast last month. For future reference, that sort of swimming grey vibration is great for dream work, mediation and land healing, but pretty terrible for being able to move through your daily practical life! And so I hope and trust that you moved through the Equinox time and were able to meet the dreaming demands of those few days.

October is a really fascinating vibration, sliding from the soft citrine towards a gentle yet bright green. It holds a gracious energy that oscillates between gently inviting and a deep urging. The image that comes to mind when I see this gentle green energy moving in, is of standing on some rocks getting ready to dive into a lake of beautiful green and welcoming water (in my mind, the water is South Pacific temperature, but hey, if you like cold water then you can hold that image instead!).

This month you have choice. You can continue to stand, exposed on the rocks, or you can dive in. The cosmic energy invites you to dive deep into the wisdom of your heart. In fact, more than that, it holds the potential for an explosive expansion of your heart energy out from the depths of you and into every part of your daily consciousness. That is because October's gentle green vibration contains a breakthrough energy, the potential to burst through personal, cultural and collective illusions and this can only be done through the wisdom of the heart. As with any breakthrough energy, there is an aspect of destruction and decay present, as old ways of being dissolve, but within this decay there is always the gift of the new way of being. This green, heart energy holds great gifts for you. What are you ready to gift to yourself? What are you ready to gift to the world?

You know that your heart can feel, but it also hears, listens and informs the rest of your energy field. This month you have the potential to bring great peace and healing to your heart. Doesn’t that sound good? Even as you are reading this, place both of your hands over your heart, and take a nourishing breath while you read that again... This month, you have the potential to bring great peace and healing to your heart. Are you going to take it? Are you going to dive into your depths and swim with the wisdom of your heart? And what does that even mean?

In our current world, there is vast discord and polarisation. You can be part of helping nurture and create that discord and polarisation. Or you can be part of helping nurture and create harmony and balance. In October, the energy asks you, which do you choose?

Is it more important for you to be seen to be right, or is it more important for you to be kind, compassionate and ultimately human?

Can you listen to the wisdom of your heart when it whispers your own profound and connective wisdom back to you, or are you going to drown it out in righteousness or insecurities?

At your core, you are magnificent in your compassion and your kindness. This is the month to embrace that magnificence.

Can you bring humour to a conversation where previously you have brought anger?

Can you bring compassion to a situation where previously you have brought judgement?

Can you dare to be gentle with yourself so you can flourish in every way?

Are you that brave?

The answer is yes, you can and you are, and this month will help you find that forgiveness, that humour, that compassion, as its potential is carried in every speck of light, in every pulse of the Earth and through everything physical and energetic that you are. You are breathing it in and breathing it out, and your energy fields are absorbing it, allowing old patterns and restrictions to shift, to melt and dissolve.

Embrace it, welcome it in. This is essential work not only on a personal level, but on a collective level as we all meet and create a new level of consciousness that will help answer the many challenges of our times.

In my videos this month we work together to support a deeper and more joyful connection with your heart wisdom, helping it inform your entire energy field towards grounded health and balance.

The first video below concentrates on connecting the heart energy through your other energy fields.

In the second video, available for those who have joined my YouTube membership area, I share a technique that I use when I am really having to work hard to meet myself or feeling reactive, and it helps to move the energy and bring forward the wisdom of the heart. By learning this technique, you can meet the wisdom of your own magnificent heart so you can feel strong, safe and resilient this month.

I hope that you can join me for both videos, and that this October you are able to grab the invitation of health, balance and expansion not only with both hands but with your heart and soul too.

Much love to you,



I am so happy to let you know about my new Energy Forecast membership videos. As well as the regular Energy Forecast video you'll find within these Energy Forecast blogs and on my regular YouTube channel, I am also releasing a second video for my YouTube members that goes deeper into explaining more of the themes of the months and how you can align your own energy to help evolve your health and radiance.

You can join my membership channel by clicking the button below...

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