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July Energy Forecast 2022 - Radical Acceptance. Riding the Waves of 'You Are Enough!'

As you sit there, reading this, what is the space around you doing?

That place from your skin to an arm’s length away from you that is still you, filled with your own energy, your own being-ness. What is that space doing? Crackling with other people? Tight and filled with tension? Easily expansive? Rippling with joy? Feel into that space, get curious about it.

This month, the vibration that is going to be moving though you is an amazing deep rich purple, moving towards indigo. In fact I’m going to call it a purple indigo. It is going to wrap itself around every part of you, filling the amazing space between your cells, your thoughts, your tissues, your concepts of your own being-ness, of your own self.

You are both created and limited by the stories that you tell yourself. This month those stories are going to have the potential to meld into one another. This purple indigo is a colour that rushes between dualities and fills the gap between.

It is beautiful, inspiring and will challenge you.

The big themes this month are:

  • Expanding beyond duality

  • Releasing your immense potential

  • Self-acceptance

  • Dissolving judgement

  • Connection

Last month, the cosmic vibration was that high bright blue, holding on one hand the energy of a light bright expansive joy and on the other hand, the penetrative and slicing release of old patterns and ways of being.

This month, there is no such duality. Purple Indigo merges, blends, pushes, dissolves, and weaves the pathways between.

This month is ultimately connective.

I am a little in awe of this indigo purple; it holds all of the mind-blowing potential of the night sky filled with stars. This month (and always) you are exactly like one of the stars in the night sky. So am I and all seven billion of us who are alive on this earth today. Seven billion stars walking this earth, every one of us essential, every one of us living a thread in this great and ancient web of life.

- So how are you living this precious life of yours?

- Where are you shining your light, your passion, your kindness?

- Where are you shining your shadow, your fears, your insecurities?

And please know, both the light and the shadow are ok. That is the immense beauty of purple indigo, it is beyond judgement. It inspires connection, not separation. It offers acceptance, not judgement.

Can you expand to meet this purple indigo and do the same?

I think you can. In fact, I know you can, it is what you are here for. I have seen the energy of probably millions of people at this point in my life, and I’ve never EVER seen a soul that is out of time, or reluctant to be here. And I really really mean that.

No matter how much you may feel that you are living in crazy times or have those flashes of wondering what on earth are you doing here, now. Your soul knows.

Running through your energetic core is huge wisdom that you are here right now, at exactly the right time, to live your unique life and take your place in the great web of life. (Did I say that I am in awe of the purple indigo!!!). When I sit to write these forecasts it is usually a few days before the colour actually lands, as I want to get them to you before it arrives, and so it is often the first time that I’m really connecting into it, in all of its joys, challenges, potential and richness. Before and as I write, I watch it come into my own energy system and body and in doing so I understand it and can translate it more for you.

So…these blogs are written from that place of feeling, of being, of knowing. And so I’m going to write again that this purple Indigo is awe-some, inspiring, uplifting, will give you a kick up the butt and put a leap of laughter in your heart, as long as you are willing to let go of judgements, prejudices, resentments and ego-driven attachments.

This brings to mind a Dalai Lama quote, ‘I’d rather be kind than right. You can always be kind’.

For a moment, maybe even for a month (!) get curious about what your life would be like if you gave up the need to be right. The minute something occurs when you feel the need to be right, you make someone else wrong. A void comes between your rightness and their wrongness.

This month, purple indigo will be filling that void asking questions of you, possibly demanding answers of you.

- Can you expand, flex and flow into that energetic space of kindness and potential?

- Can you accept yourself just as you are without needing to prove anything?

- Can you accept others just as they are without the judgement that protects you and your need to be right?