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Children are not the hope of our future - we are the hope of their future

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Children of all ages are finding the shifting sands of our modern world overwhelming, uncertain and confusing. I see the energy systems of the kids of today, and I see their brilliance. Literally, how light-filled they are. And this makes them energetically sensitive - much more energetically sensitive and aware than most children 30 years ago. It also means that young people are experiencing more anxiety, self harming, or addiction to screens because reality is just too non-navigable. 

So the big question is - how can I help you?


This September, I am offering a new programme for parents of modern children, encompassing seven live online classes of 90 minutes each. It is aimed primarily at parents/guardians/carers of children aged 5-19, but if your child is older or younger than this, you'll still find much of the content applicable and beneficial.


As a parent or guardian, this course will help you: 

  • Learn what is going on in the energy of the incredible children in your life

  • Support their physical health, mental health and vitality 

  • Empower them with understandings of how their energy can be balanced, vibrant and resilient 

  • Know how to align your energy to theirs so there is more natural communication through the language of energy

  • Feel supported in a community of like-minded people with a closed facebook group

All live webinars: 

  • Include a 15 minute Q&A section to support you

  • Are recorded so you can watch them again

  • Will be available to you on the course platform for 12 months

  • Include a short supporting document for you to easily refer to in your busy parenting life!


This first release of the programme will be a beta-test version of what will evolve to become a more widely-available ‘Parenting the modern child’ course. In this interactive, pre-release version, I want to work WITH YOU. I'll be offering information about what is happening in the energy systems of your amazing children, and gaining your feedback on how you're getting on and what else you need, and in order for me to do that, we are going to cap the programme at 100 participants/families. The smaller group size and interactive feature won't be available in the same way when the course fully launches next year. 

Each generation has a lot of bright lights within it, those who are perhaps wired a bit differently, but nowadays MOST OF THE KIDS ARE BRIGHT LIGHTS. 


And because of it they are struggling, they don’t quite fit in. They know differently, they act differently, and they connect into so much that their systems can sometimes retreat in self-protection.

Children are failing in the education system, not because they aren’t bright, but because they just don’t get the rules of restriction in an out-dated education system that is designed to produce scholars. 


These kids aren’t going to be scholars!!!


They are the warriors of justice, they are the dreamers and the visionaries, they are the healers of our world. These are the kids that are NOT going to settle for lies or untruths in our social frameworks or institutions; they are the change makers of the future.


No wonder they are struggling with where they find themselves right now.

This may show up in their daily life as:

  • Bursts of anger, hyperactivity, and explosions of rage

  • Withdrawal, anxiety, obsessive behaviour

  • Health problems like chronic fatigue, constant illness, digestive, skin and respiratory issues. 


And underneath all of this is the profound feeling of overwhelm and a lack of safety, despite the amazing job that you are doing as a parent, carer and guardian.


Yet these children need more than that, they need a soul guardian and if you are a parent of one of these modern children you ARE ALREADY equipped to help them and I know you are doing an amazing job. 


Where you are right now in your parenting is all good, in fact IT IS PERFECT, just as the energy system of your modern child is all good and perfect; it just isn't quite the norm, so the traditional methods your parents relied on to navigate the wondrous world of parenting won’t be serving you as fully as they need to.


Through understanding the energy of your modern child, and empowering them to  understand their energy, you will be able to make sense of what is happening for them, as well as sharing precious skills with them so they can begin to navigate their lives feeling more safe, resilient and empowered. 

What is the big picture? What is happening in your child’s energy system and how/why/where it is more finely tuned/sensitive?

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Learn about the energy systems that keep your child protected and how to enliven them.




Here we explore the energy of relationships so you understand how to support your child in this essential aspect of their life.



Learn how to balance and align your own energy in order to support your personal and family dynamics.



Whether the issue is screens, school or social overwhelm, learn which energy systems build resilience and how to support them.



Learn which energy systems can be called upon to most strongly activate their right to joyful empowerment as they navigate through their life.



This is your opportunity to ask Prune questions and for her to hear your feedback about the programme and your experience within it.