Understand your energy, transform your life

Live online classes to nurture and transform your energy and health understandings, providing you with the take-away tools and techniques to apply your new understandings and bring greater balance and healing to your body and your life. 

What's available

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July 20th 7pm UK time

Heal Your Headaches

Energy tools and understandings to resolve headaches naturally

Do you experience headaches? Then you know EXACTLY how they get in the way of you living your best life. In this class I want to share simple and powerful understandings and techniques you can use every day to overcome your headaches, and move closer and closer to being headache free.

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Recorded classes - available for purchase


EMFs, 5G and You

How they affect your energy fields and what you can do about it

Are you concerned about the effect that EMFs & 5G have on your energy fields and health? In this class I want to empower you with energy understandings and effective tools and techniques to help you clear the effects of EMFs from your energy field, and step away from feeling fearful.

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Happy Hormones

Welcoming ease and balance into your monthly cycle

Do you experience hormonal havoc and hardship and wish you could find ways to bring more balance, ease and joy into your monthly hormonal journey? This class will teach you understandings and techniques to invite more health, more balance, more ease into every single day of the month.

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The healing power of ceremony

Simple ceremonies to heal yourself, your loved ones and the Earth

This class will demystify ceremonies and empower you with understandings about what they are, how to access their healing potential and why they can transform your energy fields and connect you into your place as a sacred and essential part of the great web of life.

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The sleep solution

How to restore healthy sleep patterns for increased vitality

Do you struggle with sleep? You're not alone. In this class, understand how your energy system impacts your sleep, and learn new and powerful techniques that only take minutes but will help you take control of your sleep patterns so you can fall asleep and stay asleep every night.

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Exhausted to energised

Learn essential energy techniques to help heal tiredness and fatigue

Are you exhausted and unable access your natural vitality and health? In this class, discover key energy understandings and techniques to reconnect your energy and balance your adrenal health so that, step by step, you can can access your full energy and resilience, whatever your day brings.

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Optimise your size!

Achieve your ideal weight by understanding your energy

Are you looking for simple and powerful energy tools to help you achieve your ideal weight? In this class, learn how specific parts of your energy system determine your weight AND discover daily techniques to help every part of you feel nourished, empowered and healthy.

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Feel safe, resilient and protected in all situations

Discover what to do when you're sensitive to everything around you

Do you pick up other people's energy or feel overwhelmed by social situations, crowds and noise? In this class, learn essential understands to help you stay safe, protected and resilient at all times.

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Activate the songlines of the body. The nadis class 2

Advanced class for healthcare practitioners, carers and educators

In this class, learn how the songlines of the body interface with all other energy systems, how to work with them to improve your client outcomes, and why they are vital for your clients' deep and lasting healing​.

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Create flow and balance in every part of your life. The nadis class 1

Discover how to activate and enhance the channels of connectivity within your energy system to restore your joyful energy and help your life flow easily, just the way it should. 

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Feel rejuvenated and radiant, every day

Learn a simple and powerful technique to release stress, recharge your energy, transform your health and resilience, and understand how this technique can also benefit others in your life.

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Clear old habits that hold you back

In this class, learn a life-changing technique to balance and clear limiting patterns so that you can resolve your old ways of being to empower your life, and experience new health, stability and vitality.  

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Advanced Class - The pressure valves of the body

In this advanced-level class, discover why the powerful wind points are the biggest determinants of your clients' health, and learn essential, easy techniques that will greatly impact your client outcomes. 

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Feeling the pressure?

Discover powerful access points in your energy system that help you cope under pressure, support your immune system to stay healthy​, and greatly reduce the effect of stress in your daily life.

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Dissolve your fear, embrace your vitality

Are you experiencing fear that you are finding difficult to manage? This class contains Prune's most essential understandings and take-home techniques to dissolve your fear and embrace your empowered vitality.

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All classes cost £40 and include:

  • 90 minutes webinar (live classes include a 15 minute Q&A section)

  • New understandings, tools and techniques to make sense of what is happening in your energy fields in relation to the topic we are exploring.

  • On demand access - recorded and available on the course platform to watch as often as you want

  • Class handout to view on the course platform or to download and print 

  • Bonus downloadable material explaining your amazing energy anatomy and the fabulous fundamentals of energy

Advanced level classes are suitable for all healthcare practitioners, carers and educators who work with others to empower health and vitality. You can also benefit from these classes if, having completed the introductory class of the same topic, you want to extend your understanding to a deeper level.

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Thank you. And thank you for being you. I have been to a lot of workshops in my day and it is rare that I feel a sensation of true integrity coming from the person leading it. I don't feel any dissonance between what you say and what you do. That's an extraordinary quality! 


—  Audrey D.