The Mighty Menopause

£195 - A 12 Week online programme with natural health and energy expert, Prune Harris

Join Prune Harris, in this 12 week online programme to explore how to navigate through the menopause years with your health and sanity intact!

The menopause years bring huge hormonal changes to your body, your vitality, your perceptions of life and your place within it.

For many women, the pre-menopause years begin to bring changes that might at first be subtle, such as mood shifts, a changing body shape or increasing tiredness, but these subtle changes can ramp up into hormonal havoc as hot flashes, anger, exhaustion, and pain charge up your life. The menopause is mighty indeed.
In this 12 week online programme, Prune will share wisdom and understandings about the menopause, so that you are able to live in harmony with hormonal changes and make the most of opportunities that present themselves, to reclaim the power of your balanced health and explore the vastness of your empowered woman’s wisdom. Rather than a living torment, the menopause can be an amazing rite of passage from one phase of your life to another phase, filled with richness, vitality and joy.
Each week, in blogs and videos, Prune will present techniques and understandings for you to learn how to:
  • Balance your hormones

  • Manage weight gain/loss

  • Stabilise your mood

  • Engage with the fullness of life

  • Activate your vitality

With these techniques and understandings, your menopause can be a time of balance and healthy change. Be part of the growing revolution of women who look forward to the menopause and the post-menopausal years as a time of power, wisdom, health and vitality.
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