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We are looking for an illustrator for Prune’s new book! Could it be you or someone you know?


Several years ago Prune worked with a wonderful friend and illustrator to create a series of graphics to provide powerful and beautiful visual understandings of energy anatomy. Examples of these images are shown at the top of this page, illustrating some of the different energy systems of the body. That wonderful woman is no longer alive so we are looking for someone who can work with Prune to create illustrations for her book. 


What qualities of the existing illustrations do we love that we want to carry forward?

The detail of the human figure

The feeling of energetic movement and connection

The accuracy of the energy anatomy

The beauty of the image

The inspirational feel 

What are we looking for in an illustrator?

Someone who is available to start work in May and then to work closely with Prune over the next few months as she explains what she sees in the human energy field with its movement and connection, and to create visuals from that. A set of 20-30 illustrations will need to be created, which will be published in the book and also used online in various formats.


If you think you could be the person for the job, please email with a link to your website or a PDF of your existing work by the 23rd April.

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