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Three day online class with unlimited access - $345

The Empath Dilemma

The Empath Dilemma

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Your empathic ability is your capacity to gain knowledge about another individual by experiencing what they feel, almost akin to being them. Intuitive ability is your capacity to attune to the information that is beyond your senses, your mind, and other familiar ways of knowing. In this powerful class, you will learn to cultivate both while also learning ways of moving safely and comfortably through the world with these enhanced sensitivities.

Put simply, this class will show you how to effortlessly access your inner wisdom any time you wish, instantaneously traveling the unique and powerful pathways of intuition that are always available to you. You are an essential part of the vast matrix of interconnectedness that we live within.

Reclaiming these powerful intuitive and empathic abilities is your birthright. But when you were young, did you go to a school that valued intuition and taught you how to enhance it? And as you have grown and taken further trainings and teaching, have you learnt how to access your intuition in a grounded and practical way that you can always trust? How can you tell that what you are feeling is “real” and not just something that you are making up?

Join Prune Harris for this three-day online class to learn how to not only reconnect into your natural abilities, but to safely enhance and expand them so you can trust your intuition to inform you in all aspects of your daily life, your work, your friends and family and your community.


During this class you will learn how to:

  • Develop a powerful and grounded intuition that can guide you in all situations, allowing you to leave behind limiting patterns of fear or disconnect.

  • Use hands-on techniques to reconnect and advance your intuitive and empathic abilities.


Prune will share with you how to engage in an exquisite dance between your head (your theoretical knowledge), your heart (your empathy and compassion), and your soul (your wisest intuitive source). When all three of these aspects weave together, you have the ability to take your experience of your daily life and your personal healing to a very different level.  


"Prune Harris has been graced with strong empathic and intuitive abilities her entire life, and she, like me, has also had to learn how to move through the world without being overwhelmed by these sensitivities. She has also taken it upon herself to learn how to cultivate these abilities in others while helping them stay protected.

I am thrilled that she will be bringing her talents and resources to this class" 

Donna Eden

You are made of energy, we are all made of energy, and you are able to tap into that constant flow of energy to enhance your empathic connection to life and access your powerful intuitive way of knowing. And yet, the more left-brain dominated ways of mainstream education can remove you ever further from this profound intuitive and empathic connection. You may not know how to ground deeply into your intuition to help you navigate through the challenges presented by a specific challenge within your daily life. Without experienced training in accessing your intuition, you may struggle to stay safe and grounded with your intuitive knowings, leaving you vulnerable to feeling overwhelmed or unprotected.

When you are connected to your intuition you are able to:

  • Make decisions (small or profound) so you can move through your life with confidence.

  • Know how to dance your soul path into being so you can begin to thrive in your personal and professional life.

  • Listen deeply to your sacred wisdom so you can live the life you are meant to live.

  • Experience a joyful connection to all aspects of your life.


Join Prune to transform your relationship with your intuition and natural born empathy, and in doing so, transform your life. When you are profoundly connected to your intuition, you are blessed with guidance in all aspects of your life. You are your constant wise companion.

This class is for everyone! While it is relevant for those working in the healing profession, please know that you do not need to be a practitioner of any kind to attend or benefit from this class.  

3 day online class with unlimited access - $345

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