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Here are some inspiring stories from the PH community of how Prune's exercises and courses have impacted their lives

Here's a story from Teresa who, over the past year has found Prune's exercises and courses to be liberating and energising. Teresa says...

My life is my own again!


I was inspired to sign up for the Clear Your Old Habits course. It was liberating! So much old, dead emotional weight flushed away, leaving room for new energy and creativity. Then the Autumn Energetics course. I knew something special happens during autumn, and it doesn't have to involve dread. I had some mild apprehension about the part involving ancestors, but even that part was presented beautifully and lovingly. And the recipes! My eating and drinking habits have improved, and after a few weeks of the Love Your Liver programme, I felt I had the energy of a 6-year old (I'm 55)! My sleeping, digestion and mental functions have improved as well.


I'm no longer in the grip of regrets, resentment, feelings of failure. My life is my own to create, travel through, and re-create, and perhaps to bless myself and others with inspiration and love.


My experience over the last year is evidence that the body / mind / energy field will revert to a good / original state when given the tools to do so.  And what delightful tools!