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The Clinical Skills Series covers 21 topics that Prune has created to empower you to take your energy medicine work to the next level with competence and confidence. 

We are busy uploading all the articles and videos to our learning platform, please check back soon.

What you'll find within the Clinical Skills series:


21 topics covering areas that may present again and again in your practice, helping you to become a confident practitioner. 


Each topic has two components: 

1. An indepth article on the topic being discussed. Prune goes into the energetic understandings, connections and relationships within the topic, as well as the clinical methodology of how to work with that specific theme. 


2. A video of Prune doing a live session with a client who is presenting with the specific topic under exploration. In this way, you get to see a real master at work, showing you how to navigate the complexity of the topic and how to apply your learning and theory in a hands-on situation. And please note that Prune is not simply relying on her ability to see energy during the session. She explains everything that she does in relation to the energy testing and what it is showing up. 

Clinical Skills Series Topics

  • Competence and confidence with body work

  • Energy Testing those difficult clients 

  • Working with clients who have experienced sexual abuse

  • What to do when a client’s health no longer improves 

  • Tools for Trauma 

  • Working with loss and bereavement  

  • Working with clients with chronic illness 

  • Understanding reactivity

  • Exploring Adrenal fatigue 

  • Self-care for the practitioner

  • Working with children

  • How to choose the most appropriate homework for the client

  • The Yin protective system: Circulation sex

  • Understanding the power of Mingmen

  • The deep mysteries of Central and Governing

  • The Spiralling Chakras

  • The Thyroid

  • Balancing the brain

  • Evolving Triple Warmer

  • When Heart has left the system, how to help the
    dis-heartened client

  • The Wise Electrics

Enjoy a free sample of Prune's Clinical Skills Series - download the Tools for Trauma article by clicking here and watch Prune's taster-length video below.
















The Clinical Skills Series will be available to purchase soon

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