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Class 2 of  The Soul Alignment Programme

Yes! This is the class I’ve been waiting to share with you for quite a long time! 


Every time I write about the Assemblage Point, or mention it in a class or video I get a flurry of requests to share more information about it. The challenge with this is that it is such a profound system that I don’t want to squeeze it into an hour or two.


Working with your assemblage point is life changing, aligning to it is one of the most radical transformations that you will engage in. 


When you align with your assemblage point, your soul purpose will begin to flow through every cell, resulting in:

  • Your physicality getting much stronger

  • Your mind growing more stable and robust

  • Your emotions becoming more resilient and joyful


And all this change means you need time to understand what it is and how to affect it. 


My new online class, called Access the guiding light of your soul path, is therefore a two part, five hour class to deeply guide you towards your essential understandings about this fascinating and powerful part of the anatomy of your soul. 

You may be familiar with the phrase, ‘follow your own north star’, well, energetically, your assemblage point is your north star. It is your guiding light, living in your auric field in the front of your body, connected by filaments deep into the soul energy of your energetic core.

The position of an individual’s assemblage point is always the second thing I notice when I look at you, for where it is let’s me know almost everything about how you are and where you are in your connection to living your soul path. It’s that special and communicative. 

The Assemblage Point

It is the most unique of all of your energetic anatomy, partly because it has its own aura. You have an aura, you know that already, but no other part of your entire energy system has its own aura, its own energy field except the assemblage point. Another thing that makes your assemblage point unique is that although its connective filaments enter and leave your body through a magnificent point towards the top of your sternum, your actual assemblage point can move around anywhere in your own auric field. The position that it currently resides in determines how you will perceive and therefore interact with everything in your life and in the world. 


Isn’t that amazing! 


Albert Einstein wrote ‘ There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle’


I totally agree with him. And yet. How many of us choose to get worn out by life? I’m thinking no-one. No one says, ‘I really want to feel stressed today’ or ‘Yes, I’m giving up on hope because I want to’. 

NO! If you don't feel as if EVERYTHING in life (including you) is a miracle, then it is because your whole body system has lost connection with the radiance of your soul energy and can no longer access empowered joy and active hope . And yet you do have choice in whether you settle for that, or whether you help your energy system sort it out, reconnect and rekindle the energy, strength, passion and resilience that comes  from being able to live your soul purpose and to walk the path of your unique life. 


And this is why I’m teaching about the Assemblage Point.

During Access the guiding light of your Soul Path, I'll share my most essential understandings about the assemblage point, and show you the easy and effective exercises and techniques that will become trusted lifelong tools you can use to access the guiding light of your assemblage point, and align with your soul path.


My purpose for teaching this two-part class is to help you move forward feeling:

  • Uplifted and hopeful about your future

  • Connected to your wisdom ways of knowing

  • Stronger and healthier in your physical body 

  • More balanced and joyful in your emotional life 

  • Empowered to make the changes you long to see in your life and in the world

  • A powerful connection to yourself and everything around you

  • Joyful at being alive and excited to engage with whatever the day brings

  • A deep knowing that you are beloved and an essential part of this world

​This class is step 2 of a 3-step, Soul alignment pathway I’ve created for you to experience your fullest soul expression in all of its health, vitality and joy. 

It's not essential to complete class 1 before attending class 2, but I believe you will get the very best from the teaching in this class if you have taken class 1 beforehand. You can find out more and sign up to the recording of class 1 here

"Let your own light shine your way upon your unique and empowered path"

The details - Access the guiding light of your Soul Path

Cost: $197


What's included: 

  • 2 x 2.5 hour online recorded classes - the structure of this class includes teaching, exercise demonstrations plus some questions and answers that were part of the live class

  • Unlimited access - you can go back and enjoy it again and again

  • A class handout to view on the course platform or to download and print

  • Plus bonus downloadable material explaining your amazing energy anatomy and the fabulous fundamentals of energy

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