A medical intuitive, visionary, empath and natural shaman, Prune was born with the ability to see and understand energy; human energy, animal energy, the energy fields in nature, and the fields of connectiveness and consciousness.


Prune has 20 years’ experience in private practice and qualifications in Energy Psychology, Eden Energy Medicine, Reiki, Touch for Health and Shamanism. She is one of Donna Eden’s core faculty in Europe and America, teaching from foundations year through to advanced level courses, and also worked for seven years at the Institute for Integrative Science at Cape Breton University, working with Mi’kmaw Elders to help bring forward the concept of Two-Eyed Seeing.   


Prune has taught extensively in the UK and overseas since 2012, creating in-person and online courses for practitioners and the general public, with a primary objective of sharing her knowledge and insights to help others rediscover their health, soul-purpose and inspiration for life, and with the understanding that each one of us is part of a vast matrix of connectiveness. 


As we walk within this current ecological and social crisis, Prune increasingly feels the awakening of ancient energies, returning anew to enable individuals, families, community groups and corporations to reshape their relationships with themselves, with each other and with all of life on earth.

Prune has also authored dozens of articles, writes regular blogs and previously founded Imaginal Health, including the Commitment to the Soul series of courses. Currently Prune is also the consciousness columnist for the independent wellness magazine, Walnut - www.walnutmagazine.co.uk


Prune lives in Cornwall, UK, and she divides her time between her teaching and writing engagements, and nourishing her spirit with all kinds of passions and interests including her beautiful family, horses, bees, listening to the universe and being in nature.

She deeply honours her teachers, Nancy Finch, Nancy Sherwood, Donna Eden, David Feinstein, Caitlin Matthews, Albert and Murdena Marshall, Cheryl Bartlett and Imelda Almqvist. And deepest thanks to the greatest teacher of all; Life! 

"With my understanding of energy and consciousness, I want to empower you to dream your fullest life into being; to be it, to embody it, to learn how to live in authenticity, with ease and with an abundant joy that emanates within you and from you with every breath."