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I have a couple of missions in my life. Since I was tiny I knew that my life this time was about truly fulfilling my potential. Weird isn’t it, that even as a seven or eight year old I can remember clearly identifying this. Call it soul memory if you want, or past life memory, or extra sensory perception or whatever you want really, I just know that that mission has fuelled me through every step of my life and still does. I am one of twins, and at our birth, I was born into the physical world and my twin moved in another direction, back to the world of Spirit from which we had come. And yet our souls remained connected and I spent much of my growing years navigating between the different vibrational spaces of the ‘real’ or visible world with a big loving family, animals and nature and the ‘non-real’ or invisible world of my sister, a big loving family, animals and nature. 


Through this connection and continual lived experience, I have always been able to see the non-visible. Which means that I see energy. The energy of the human energy fields and systems, the energy of trees, stones, plants, the Earth. The energy on winds that show up as different colours (colours are only vibrations and when the direction of each wind has a different vibration then they have different colours too). 


When I watch a concert I see the music as waves emanating from the orchestra, and I can watch the way these waves of colour and movement interact and affect the audience. I see individual energy fields (you, your friend, your colleague) and also collective fields (the energy of a group of people, including the human energy field in all of its movement between shadow and light). 


I regularly communicate with people that can’t be seen in the physical world. These may be ancestors from the past, descendants of the future, or archetypal energies that may present as spirits of the land or the luminous beings that are always guiding us. And this brings me to my second mission; to inspire the re-membering of the individual soul to heal and empower the soul of the world. 


There is so much that we have forgotten that we know and yearn for. Ways of being, ways of knowing, ways of living in compassionate and connective consciousness that brings balance to all of creation. 

In my work, I talk about soul expression and living it fully. 

I talk about the cosmic energy that settles in and around each of us every month.


I talk about the way humans have a specific colour to the energy of their soul and knowing it can help you bring it forward so that you can live more and more fully.

I talk about how you, as an amazing and beautiful living energy system, can learn about these systems so that you can use simple and powerful techniques to be more and more in balance. Your energy fields are connective…to all of life around you and within you, and as such they are your systems of consciousness, continually supporting you to become, well, more you. 


And why do I care? Why do I want to share with you all of these awesome understandings? Because our world is struggling. The human world, the animal world, the natural world. Dis-ease, imbalance, and abuse move through our individual and collective systems and we need a major overhaul of all of our systems of being. And it starts with you. It starts with me. With my understanding of the energetics of connectiveness and consciousness, how can I help you become more empowered, more healthy, more grounded, more courageous, more connected to your life purpose? 


How can you nurture your magnificent soul so that you can be part of changing human consciousness? 


Because the time is now. You know that, or you wouldn’t be here reading this. The time is now. How are you going to meet this calling of your soul? How are you going to play your essential part in the reshaping of the world? 

Increasingly, as we walk within this current ecological and social crisis, I have felt the awakening of ancient energies, returning anew to enable all of us; individuals, families, community groups and corporations to reshape our relationships with ourselves, with each other and with all of life on Earth. 

A bit more about me to read while your core energy, your soul energy is already taking a deep breath and emanating through your cells and your chakra…..


  • My soul body is much much stronger than my physical body. I have experienced long periods of illness in my life, starting when I was bedridden with CFS in my teenage years. Epilepsy, severe heart challenges, breast cancer and more recently being hospitalised with Covid has continued to invite me to go deeper and deeper in my understandings of how to heal the physical body, and also given me huge understandings about the reality of being a psychic, empath and healer in this rather challenging modern world. 


  • I love life. I have been close enough to death a few times and have walked in the world of the dead often enough to know that each of us is here for such a very, very short time. A few decades. That’s it. So I walk each moment LOVING life, loving my body, loving my flaws and mess ups, loving my gifts and my awesomeness. And not just MY life, but life itself. What a daily dose of magic life is. 


  • I remember the entire experience of being born and it makes me love my gentle fierce mum even more. WOW. 


  • I have a first class MA from St.Andrews University. I went there because they had a one year placement programme with Trinity College, Dublin and I was desperate to dive into Celtic Mythology which I couldn’t do anywhere in the UK. Despite never having read or heard anything about the Celtic Deities I knew them, some of them before I could talk. They ran through my blood and my dreams. As it happens I had a big car crash the year I was supposed to go to Dublin and ended up in a wheelchair instead of in the Celtic Mythology course!!! But hey, staying at St. A's for the year meant I met the man that I’m now married to so I think there were bigger pictures at play! 


  • Horses have always been a big part of my life. In many ancient cultures they were honoured as being the transporters between worlds and I firmly believe that is the role they have always played for me. Listening, instructing, teaching, sharing, carrying me through different layers of vibration and reality. 


  • I have trained with several teachers to help me further understand a lot of what I see, hear, feel, think and know. Each day I light a candle to honour them; Nancy Finch, Nancy Dancing Joy Sherwood, Donna Eden, Caitlin Matthews, Imelda Almqvist, my ancestors and guides from all realms. After several years of being a faculty member for Donna Eden and her joyous teachings I have recently stepped aside in order to give more time to my own writing, and teaching. I am a certified shamanic practitioner in Core Shamanism, Celtic Shamanism and am currently training further in Seidr of Norse Shamanism / the Northern Traditions. I am clairvoyant, a visionary and a Seer (they are all the same thing!), I am trained in Reiki, Energy Psychology and Kinesiology. I have a passion for herbal lore and medicine and thus would have been known as a Hedge Witch and medicine woman (Weleda) in other days. I am also a pretty powerful Ceremonialist and some of my deepest and most joyous times are when I’m working with large groups in ceremony for Ancestral Healing, and Earth Healing.  And all of those titles and words probably won’t mean much, and I’m pretty sure that what I mean by them won’t be what you think I mean by them; modern language is affected so much by our modern cultural limitations and perceptions that it struggles to meet such words, but that is OK, it is still good for me to write them here! Essentially, the best word to sum up all this is ‘Healer’, and I accept that title in all of its ancient and modern reverberations. 


  • I spent seven years living in Canada, working with Dr Cheryl Bartlett and the Elders of the Mi’kmaw First Nation at the Institute for Integrative Science at Cape Breton University, and helping to bring forward the concept of Two-Eyed Seeing remains a significant and joyful part of my life work.  


  • Compared to ‘the norm’, I am a bit weird (lol) and it has taken me time to really find my own voice and courage to simply stand here and say, “Yep, all of these things are normal for me. I have conversations with ancestors, archangels, power animals and spirits of nature. AND I can see the energy of your soul and how it is either flowing through your systems, or where and how it is getting a bit stuck, and I can show you ways to help it get unstuck.


  • Compared to the ‘norm’ I am very normal. I share my life with a loving, compassionate and totally awesome husband, a wise and insightful son in his 20s, a fiercely brave and clever daughter in her late teens, two standard poodles (a mum and daughter), a cat and my magnificent horse. 


  • I am more creative than I know. I have a passion for wool and spin, crochet, needle felt, wet felt. Each beat of my heart shoots creativity through my body and creating through wool is a passion for me. So is designing courses, and teaching is my biggest form of creativity. When I stand before a group of (always amazing) people my energy field changes, opens up and channels down, so that I am often very surprised by what I’m saying. Honestly, when I teach I say things that I don’t know and I need to listen to what I am saying even as I am saying it. Sometimes I come away from a class and think, ‘Wow, that was awesome, I never knew that!’, much to the bemusement of the brilliant PH team. Energy is information exchange and when I’m in a teaching setting then I can dive deeper and deeper into the energy to gather and bring forward more information. What a joy! What a journey we are all on together. 


  • Nearly everything I write is written to a soundtrack of Xavier Rudd, Pink or Lady Gaga. I know, I know, totally trashy pop and… with beats that are AWESOME to move my auric field and carry information along my energy systems in and out of my internal soul energy into the connective soul energy and all the way to the world soul. Yep, bet you’ve never heard their music described in that way before!!


  • I worked in clinical practice for 20 years with thousands of clients, tracking their energy, looking to find the roots of health and the places of imbalance or illness / dis-ease and helping teach them how to heal. My clinical work also reconnected clients with their soul energy so that they could more fully embrace their life purpose and LOVE THEIR LIFE. My teaching and writing is born out of the deep and intensive training I embarked upon during those 20 years of clinical practice and I thank each and every client for the honour of walking beside them in their journey towards health. 


  • Since 2012, I have taught in the UK, mainland Europe, America, Canada and Australia to thousands of people. Bringing transformation and healing is my passion and I love that through my writing and teaching I can help you rediscover your health, your soul-purpose and your inspiration for life. And not just for you (remember that second mission). I know that when you are feeling strong, healthy, empowered and connected to your vitality, then you radiate a different and activating vibration out into your life, your families and the world. We each know so well that the change you wish to see in the world begins with the change in you. I lead, facilitate and empower that change so that together we change the world. 


Thanks for reading this.  


I love you.


What? How can I love you when I might not know you yet? I love you simply because, like me, you are human, and us humans deserve a whole lot of love just for showing up at these pretty crazy times. We aren’t so different, you and I. And together we are finding the courage, empowerment and ways to change the world. So. I love you.


Wishing you a fabulous day.

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